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Build Sites using Content and Experience Cloud

Course Details
Code: D101584GC10
Tuition (USD): $1,628.00 • Classroom (2 days)

In this course, learn to build a website with Oracle Content and Experience Cloud. You don’t need to use any proprietary tools or code or software. The user interface is graphical, intuitive, and friendly.

Learn To:
  • Create Sites with built in templates
  • Use the different types and categories of components
  • Manage the experience site life cycle
  • Use the REST API for content management and collaboration
  • Use the application integration framework
  • Render content to the website
Benefits to You:

As Sites Developers, learn to build and deliver sites rapidly with Oracle Content and Experience Cloud

Skills Gained

  • Create a new experience site
  • Explain the use of templates
  • Explain the role of components
  • Explain the use of Content and Experience REST APIs
  • Configure Content and Experience Cloud Service


  • Programming languages such as JavaScript
  • HTML and CSS

Course Details

Introduction to Content and Experience Cloud Service

Getting Started with Content and Experience Cloud Service

Understanding the Role of Templates in Sites

Designing the Site with Themes

Building Components for Webpages

Using Content and Section Layouts

Managing the Experience Site Life Cycle

Content and Experience APIs

Introduction to Integrating with CEC