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Oracle CPQ Cloud Introduction

Course Details
Code: D99625GC10
Tuition (CAD): $1,013.00 • Classroom (1 day)
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Oracle CPQ Cloud Introduction (Training On Demand) (D100004GC10)

This course is intended to provide the new user of Oracle CPQ Cloud a good overall understanding of the various technical areas of the product. Students will discover the capabilities of the product in areas such as Product Configuration, Commerce and Business Rules, and the Document Designer tool. An overview of the System Administration functions is also covered to help students understand the setup and maintenance of the product.

Through instructor-led demonstrations, the student will explore the system's capabilities. Discussions in the areas of Migration and Integration will allow the student to better understand how Oracle CPQ Cloud can work with other applications. Both the end-user side and the administrative side of the product are explored to give the student a complete overview of the capabilities of Oracle CPQ Cloud.

Skills Gained

  • Define the business need for Oracle CPQ Cloud.
  • Demonstrate the user interface of Oracle CPQ Cloud.
  • Define the System Adminastration capbilities and functions for Oracle CPQ Cloud.
  • Define the Configuration capabilities and functions of Oracle CPQ Cloud.
  • Define the Commerce capbilities and functions for Oracle CPQ Cloud.
  • Define the Document Designer capbilities and functions for Oracle CPQ Cloud.
  • Define the Mobile capbilities and functions for Oracle CPQ Cloud.
  • Define the Reporting capbilities and functions for Oracle CPQ Cloud.
  • Define the Integration capbilities and functions for Oracle CPQ Cloud.
  • Define the Migration capbilities and functions for Oracle CPQ Cloud.

Course Details

Oracle CPQ Cloud: Introduction

  • Why Businesses Need CPQ Solution
  • Introduction: Oracle CPQ Cloud
  • Oracle CPQ Cloud: Key Components
  • Oracle CPQ Cloud: Capabilities

Oracle CPQ Cloud: User Interface

  • User Interface – Home Page
  • User Side Configuration: Product Selection
  • User Side Configuration: Quote Details
  • User Side Document Designer: Proposal Documents

Oracle CPQ Cloud: System Administration

  • Administration: Overview
  • Users and Groups
  • Parts
  • Bulk Data Download
  • Bulk Data Upload
  • Data Tables
  • File Manager

Oracle CPQ Cloud: configuration

  • Introduction to Configuration
  • Product Hierarchy
  • Configurable Attributes and Arrays
  • Configuration Rules
  • Configuration Rules
  • Table-Based Rules

Oracle CPQ Cloud: Commerce

  • Introduction to Commerce
  • Commerce Attributes
  • Commerce Layout
  • Commerce Actions
  • Formula Management
  • Approvals and Email Templates
  • Commerce Rules
  • Steps, Participant Profiles, and Transition Rules

Oracle CPQ Cloud: Document Designer

  • Introduction to the Document Designer
  • Creating a Document Designer Output
  • Layouts and Elements
  • Conditions and Loops
  • Translations

Oracle CPQ Cloud: Mobile

  • Desktop and Mobile Layouts
  • Mobile Configuration
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Mobile Layout Editor

Oracle CPQ Cloud: Integration

  • Integration Introduction
  • ICS (Integration Cloud Service
  • Interface Catalog
  • SOAP and Web Applications
  • Integration Rest APIs
  • CRM Integration
  • ERP Integration
  • Security and Login Integration

Oracle CPQ Cloud: Reporting

  • Overview of Reporting
  • Report Manager
  • Style Sheet for Reports
  • Charts
  • Best Practices and Tips

Oracle CPQ Cloud: Migration

  • Migration Center
  • Migration Packages
  • Rollbacks and Snapshots
  • Performing a Migration