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Financial Consolidation Close Cloud: Create Manage Apps Ed 1 LVC

Course Details
Code: D100460GC10
Tuition (USD): $4,620.00 • Virtual (5 days)

This course is designed to teach you how to create and manage an application Financial Consolidation and Close. You create the business process, enter data, and then view the data by using data forms. You learn how to adjust data by using journals and to calculate and consolidate data. You manage the financial review cycle and access to the data.

Learn How To: 
  • Manage and create accounts, entities, scenarios and user defined dimensions.
  • Import and export data and metadata.
  • Create and deploy a business process.
  • Enter data in data forms.
  • Enter intercompany data.
  • Perform data consolidation.
  • Load data from external systems.
  • Secure data.
  • Translate and consolidate data.
  • Manage the review process.
Benefits to You: 

Take advantage of the pre-built processes, pre-configured functionality and analytics for faster, consolidation, close, and reporting.

Skills Gained

  • Create and deploy rules and calculate data
  • Enter inter-company transactions and make adjustments using journals
  • Manage the financial review cycle
  • Create and manage the metadata structure
  • including accounts
  • entities
  • scenarios
  • and user
  • Set up security
  • including users
  • groups
  • security classes
  • and access rights
  • Perform data consolidation
  • Import and export data and metadata
  • Create and deploy an application
  • View and enter data by creating data forms

Who Can Benefit

  • Developer


  • Knowledge of spreadsheets
  • knowledge of accounting

Course Details

Introduction to FCCS

Creating Application in FCCS

Navigating FCCS

Loading Metadata

Configuring Dimensions

Defining Valid Intersections

Artifacts and Data Security

Loading Data by Using Data Management

Importing Data Using Data Files

Creating Forms

Entering Data by Using Forms

Managing Intercompany Balance

Adjusting Data with Journals

Currency Translation

Running Consolidations

Setting Up the Close Process

Managing a Close Schedule

Entering and Managing Supplemental Data

Locking and Unlocking Data

Installing and Configuring Smart View

Installing and Configuring Smart View

Viewing and Analyzing Data with the Ad Hoc Analysis Tool

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