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Oracle HCM Cloud: Config and Setup for Oracle Taleo Learn

Course Details
Code: D98652GC10
Tuition (USD): $1,954.00 • Classroom (2 days)

This Oracle HCM Cloud training for Taleo Learn provides end users with the content to complete system administration work. It offers Taleo Learn system administrators and others who work in Taleo Learn or as system administrators an overview of the basic concepts and architecture of the Taleo Learn solution.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have the tools to improve their efficiency and scope of system administration work in Taleo Learn. Implementation, integration, and deployment of the tool will be enhanced, creating a streamlined performance with it.

Skills Gained

  • Create and manage user types or roles
  • Identify various points of integration
  • Create and manage VILT setups
  • Understand the concepts of page design
  • Understand the planning that goes into designing for mobile access
  • Understand the differences between Root LearnCenters and SubLearnCenters
  • Navigate to the administrator views
  • Create and manage supervisors
  • Create and manage an eCommerce site
  • Create and manage standard and custom fields
  • Realize the benefits of dynamic groups
  • Create and manage system users

Who Can Benefit

  • Administrator
  • Database Administrators
  • End Users
  • Storage Administrator
  • System Administrator
  • System Analysts
  • Technical Administrator
  • Technical Consultant

Course Details

Learning Basic Navigation

  • Understanding the Log-in Screen
  • Examining End-User Interface
  • Using the Management Access Code
  • Reviewing Minimum Permissions to View Management Login and Control Panel
  • Reviewing the Resource Manager

Setting System and Local Options

  • Exploring Root LearnCenters and SubLearnCenters
  • Specifying System Options: One direction
  • Configuring Local Settings: LearnCenter specific
  • Working with Base LearnCenter-specific Settings
  • Reviewing Security Options
  • Looking at Multidirectional Settings
  • Examining Multi-directional Sharing
  • Creating SubLearnCenters

Examining Fields

  • Reviewing Field Maintenance by Item
  • Selecting User Profile Fields
  • Creating Custom Fields

Working with Groups

  • Exploring Groups
  • Understanding Group Impacts
  • Working with Dynamic Groups
  • Exploring Dynamic Groups
  • Defining Group Structure
  • Looking at Use Case Examples
  • Creating Groups
  • Dynamically Adding Users

Setting Up Users

  • Specifying Membership Statuses
  • Reviewing Methods for Creating User Accounts
  • Using Manual Methods
  • Using Bulk Import
  • Working with Self-registration
  • Examining Integration

Managing User Roles

  • Defining User Roles
  • Looking at Sample User Types
  • Setting User Role Permissions
  • Creating User Roles
  • Examining Minimum Permissions to View Management Login and Control Panel
  • Maintaining User Roles

Creating Supervisors

  • Looking at the Role of a Supervisor
  • Viewing and Managing Teams
  • Editing Permissions for Supervisor Roles

Working with Integration and other Tools

  • Using Single Sign On
  • Working with the SSO Checklist
  • Reviewing the IT Checklist
  • Activating Alternative Access
  • Using Bulk Loader
  • Reviewing the Bulk Loader Checklist
  • Working with OpenSesame

Exploring LearnCenter Extras

  • Examining the Course Scenario
  • Reviewing the eCommerce Checklist
  • Choosing Payment Options
  • Using Dynamic Objects
  • Reviewing the VILT Checklist
  • Looking at Providers

Building Pages

  • Reviewing the Course Scenario
  • Incorporating Design Elements
  • Reviewing Design Rules
  • Changing Appearance
  • Taking Content as Dynamic Objects
  • Examining Currently Available Widgets