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Oracle HCM Cloud: Essentials of Recruiting Configuration for Talent Acquisition (Training On Demand)

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Code: D102369GC20
Tuition (USD): $1,360.00 $1,292.00 • Self Paced (2 days)
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Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
Oracle HCM Cloud: Essentials of Recruiting Configuration for Talent Acquisition (D98602GC20)

This Oracle HCM Cloud: Essentials of Recruiting Configuration for Talent Acquisition training is ideal for beginner System Administrators. Expert Oracle University instructors will guide you through practical, hands-on exercises that help you apply your knowledge and reinforce learning.

This course is appropriate for Oracle Cloud deployments.

Learn To:

  • Set up your candidate selection workflows.
  • Create and/or select fields to be used in your recruiting process.
  • Create and edit message templates.
  • Build and modify forms, i.e. a requisition form.
  • Configure offer management.
  • Configure evaluation management.
  • Navigate the Recruiting Administration Menu.
  • Create and edit a configuration profile.
  • Identify and Modify Standard Field Settings.
  • Create and edit a center stage.

Learn to Execute Additional Tasks

Expert Oracle University instructors will also teach you how to successfully complete the following tasks within this Oracle solution: create user-defined fields, work with file sections and blocks, describe and modify requisition file setup, modify candidate selection workflow steps and status, configure candidate file setup, create candidate and requisition list formats and set up offer options. You're encouraged to ask questions throughout the lessons of this interactive course.

Skills Gained

  • Configure Candidate File Setup
  • Create Candidate and Requisition List Formats
  • Create and Edit Message Templates
  • Modify Evaluation Management Settings
  • Modify Offer Forms and Fields
  • Locate and Identify Recruiting Settings
  • Work with File Sections and Blocks
  • Navigate Recruiting Administration Menu
  • Create, Edit, and assign a Configuration Profile
  • Modify Forms, such as the Requisition Form
  • Create a Qualifier Group
  • Describe and modify Candidate Selection Workflow (CSW)
  • Create New Center Stage
  • Identify and Modify Fields Settings
  • Create Basic and Selection User-Defined Fields
  • Associate OLF and Requisition Type to a CSW

Who Can Benefit

  • Configuration Implementer
  • System Administrator

Course Details

Course Overview

Overview of Recruiting Configuration

  • Configuration Menu
  • Recruiting Menu

Configuration Profiles

  • Configuration Profile
  • Associating a Configuration Profile to a User
  • Setting Up a Default Configuration Profile

Center Stage and Communication Channel

  • Center Stage
  • User Type Permissions
  • Communication Channel
  • Developing Custom Clips

Standard Fields

  • Standard Recruiting Fields
  • Configuring Fields
  • Contenct and Exceptions
  • Fields and User Types
  • Display of Static Requisition Fields

User-Defined Fields

  • User-Defined Fields
  • Standard Recruiting Fields
  • Types of User-Defined Fields
  • Standard Predefined Selections
  • Configuring User-Defined Fields
  • Creating Large Selection Fields
  • Values Masking

Requisition Forms and Files

  • Relationship between Fields, Forms, and Files
  • Requisition File Contents
  • Flexibility of Configuring Files
  • Examples of Different Files
  • Forms and Files Configuration Process
  • Blocks and Forms
  • File Properties and Sections

Candidate Files and Create Candidate Function

  • Create Candidate
  • Candidate Files
  • File in Configuration Profile
  • User Type Permissions

Candidate Selection Workflow

  • Candidate Selection Workflow
  • CSW Steps and Statuses
  • Candidate Selection Workflow Components
  • Essentials Tasks for Setting up a CSW
  • Duplicate and Existing CSW

Offer Management

  • Multi-Function Offer Management
  • Setting Up the RS Offer Step in the CSW
  • Offer Form
  • Extend More Offers at the Requisition Level
  • User Type Offer Permissions
  • Career Section E-Offer Standard and Advanced Views

Candidate and Requisition List Formats

  • List Formats
  • Adding Columns
  • Filters
  • Context Details
  • Show Information for Filter

Correspondence Manager

  • User's View of Correspondence
  • Recruiting Message Templates
  • Templates and Paragraphs
  • Manual and Automatic Delivery
  • Mail Sensitivity
  • User Type Permissions
  • Correspondence-Related Settings

Evaluation Management

  • Benefits of Evaluation Management
  • Evaluation Management Roles
  • Configuration Activities for an Administrator
  • User Type Permissions for Evaluation Management
  • Setting Up Skill Rating Scales
  • Evaluation Management Message Templates
  • Sequence for Questionaire Creation
  • Setting up the Recommendation Field

Course Summary