Oracle HCM Cloud: Learning

Course Details
Code: D105473GC10
Tuition (USD): $2,772.00 • Virtual (3 days)

This course teaches participants how to perform the fundamental learning tasks within Oracle HCM Cloud: Learning. Participants will identify the key concepts used within the Learning catalogs, explore the navigation, and create learning items from within the system. See how your organization can benefit from utilizing Oracle's Learning Management System (LMS).

Learn To:
  • Configure Setup Tasks
  • Configure Access Control and Access Groups
  • Import Learning Items
  • Create a Course
  • Create an Offering
  • Create an Activity
  • Manage an ILT Offering
  • Create a Blended Learning Offering
  • Create a Typical Specialization
  • Add an Evaluation to an Offering
  • Add Learning Outcome to a Course
  • Publish a Video
  • Create a Tutorial
  • Create a Community

A Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.

Skills Gained

  • Identify the key implementation tasks for setting up Learning
  • Configure setup and other learning item resources to build a learning catalog
  • Navigate the learning product
  • Create various learning items within the system

Who Can Benefit

  • Administrator

Course Details

Course Overview

  • Course Learning Objectives
  • Course Agenda
  • Overview of Hands-On Activities


  • Discuss Oracle Learning Cloud benefits
  • Navigate the Learning environment
  • Discuss highlighted features
  • Define standard Learning Cloud users
  • Discuss Mobile support

Setup Tasks

  • Navigate the Setup page
  • Discuss the Approvals Setup feature
  • Define the Hierarchy Search UI

Access Control and Access Groups

  • Explain Access Control
  • Describe Access Control default access
  • Define Access Groups
  • Explain Access Group priorities

Catalogs and Learning Items

  • Define the Self Service catalog
  • Define Formal Learning catalog
  • Explain the two perspectives of the Learning Catalog
  • Explain the Courses, Offerings, and Activities relationship
  • Define Specializations

Catalog Resources

  • Explain Catalog Resources
  • Explain Completion Rules
  • Discuss SkillSoft Integration Process
  • Define Courses, Offerings, and Activities

Traditional Instructor-Led Training

  • Define Instructor-Led Training
  • Define Instructors, Classrooms, and Training Suppliers
  • Create an Instructor-Led Training Offering

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

  • WebEx Virtual Classroom Intregration
  • Assign an Instructor to Configured WebEx Account
  • Define Virtual Instructor-Led Training
  • Create a Virtual Instructor-Led Activity
  • Define Blended Learning

Requests and Assignments

  • Define learning request
  • Approve requests
  • View learning request examples
  • Discuss learning request workflows
  • Define learning assignment types
  • Define learning assignment parameters
  • Discuss the learning assignment process

Approvals, Waitlists, and Managing Learners

  • Define learning approvals
  • Explain Approvals Setup feature
  • Describe the Summary Metrics configuration
  • Discuss the Hierarchy Search UI
  • Define waitlists
  • Discuss managing learners

Initiatives and Advanced Assignment Rules

  • Define Learning Initiatives
  • Define Parameters
  • Explain the steps to create an initiative
  • Review the Learning Assignment Process
  • Define Advanced Assignment Rules
  • Review the steps involved with Advanced Assignment Rules


  • Define Specializations
  • Explain Specialization examples
  • Discuss Specialization and Offerings similarities
  • Discuss Specialization and Offerings differences

Learning Outcomes and Prerequisites

  • Define Learning Outcomes
  • Discuss Learning Outcome examples
  • Describe setting up Learning Outcomes
  • Define prerequisites
  • Discuss content types and items
  • Describe expiring learning assignments pending prerequisites
  • Explain prerequisite use cases
  • Discuss Learning scheduled processes


  • Discuss questionnaire concepts
  • Manage questions
  • Define question types and responses
  • Discuss rating models in questionnaires
  • Manage questionnaires and templates
  • Discuss questionnaire control
  • Discuss adding and formatting questions

Assessments and Evaluations

  • Define assessments
  • Identify steps to create questionnaires for assessments
  • View Attempt History
  • Discuss assessment configuration
  • Define evaluations

Self-Service Videos and Tutorials

  • Define Self-Service Videos
  • Define Tutorials
  • Describe the report inappropriate content process
  • Define Learning Communities


  • Define communities
  • Explain catalog communities
  • Explain community assignments
  • Discuss community assignment workflow
  • Explain self service communities
  • Examine the My Learning Communities page
  • Discuss community parameters
  • Review a community example

Contextual Learning

  • Define contextual learning
  • Discuss learning resource catalog components
  • Define learning association components
  • Define learning showcase components
  • Define voluntary and required assignment components

HCM Data Loader

  • Uses for HCM Data Loader
  • Define HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader
  • Identify additional resources
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