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Oracle Project Portfolio Mgmt Cloud: Administration Essentials

Course Details
Code: D96496GC20
Tuition (USD): $1,954.00 • Classroom (2 days)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $1,541.56 • Classroom (2 days)
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Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud: Administration Essentials training is designed for application administrators who provide ongoing support for the Project Portfolio Management Cloud application. Learn how to execute key administrative tasks and functions for Project Portfolio Management Cloud. Topics include: Ordering and Activating Cloud Services, Monitoring cloud services, Working with support, Using new security model, Dealing with ongoing functional setups, Customize and extend options, Management of approval rules using BPM work list and Integration options.

Learn To:

  • Navigate and perform initial administrative tasks for Project Portfolio Management Cloud.
  • Manage and Monitor services .
  • Work with the oracle support team .
  • Describe New Security model for User Account Management, User Password Policy Management, User Name Generation Rules, Password Policies, Security Console and much more.
  • Understand the administration of notifications and approvals management.
  • Understand the customization and extension options.
  • Understand Key Integration options.

Benefits to You

By taking this course, you'll grasp the fundamentals to orient you, practice initial setup tasks to get you started and explore key functionality to help you enhance and maintain your system. You'll walk away with the knowledge and skills to optimize the solution so your organization can efficiently manage your projects and processes using Project Portfolio Management Cloud.

This course is appropriate for Oracle Cloud deployments.

Skills Gained

  • Learn about Managing Subscriptions and Monitoring of Oracle Cloud Accounts
  • Learn about Oracle Cloud Service terminology and concepts
  • Learn about Ordering and Activating Oracle Cloud Services
  • Learn about Manage and Monitor Services
  • Learn about User Account Management
  • Learn about User Password Management
  • Learn about User Name Generation Policies
  • Learn about password policies
  • Learn about Security Console
  • Learn about dealing with approvals management and notifications
  • Learn about dealing with maintenance tasks to be performed after implementation
  • Learn about various integration options e.g. File Based Data Loads and Web Services
  • Learn the concepts related to customization and extension of cloud applications e.g. changing the UI, extend applications using flexfields and use of tools for managing reports

Who Can Benefit

  • Administrator
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cloud User
  • Presales
  • Sales Consultants
  • Security Administrators
  • System Administrator

Course Details

Introduction to Oracle Cloud Services

  • Ordering and Activating Oracle Cloud Services
  • Manage and Monitor Services
  • Managing Subscriptions and Monitoring of Oracle Cloud Accounts

Working with Support

  • Ticket Management
  • Searching for Support documents

Security Overview

  • User Account Management
  • User Password Management
  • Role Hierarchy Visualization
  • User Name Generation Rules
  • Password Policy Maintenance
  • Integrate Custom Identity Management Solution
  • Security Console

Maintenance Task Overview

  • Describe Functional Setup Manager
  • Explain Maintenance Tasks

Customize and Extend Overview

  • Overview
  • Explain Personalization, Run Time Customizations and Extensions
  • Explain Customization Options

Approvals Management

  • Explain Approvals Management
  • Key Concepts
  • Task Configurations for Approvals Management
  • Task Administration

Integrations Overview

  • Discuss Integration Options
  • Discuss File Based Data Load
  • Discuss SOAP Web Services
  • Discuss Rest API Client