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SCM Cloud: Administration

Course Details
Code: D98229GC20
Tuition (USD): $977.00 • Classroom (1 day)
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SCM Cloud: Administration Essentials (Training On Demand) (D100432GC20)

This Oracle SCM Oracle SCM Cloud: Administration training introduces implementers to the Functional Setup Manager. You'll learn how to identify and demonstrate the functional setups that must be performed to execute and cost the basic inventory transactions that are core to supply chain management.

Learn To:

  • Describe the basic concepts of Supply Chain Management.
  • Identify and perform required common setup tasks.
  • Explain SCM Cloud Overview.
  • Set up and execute User accounts.
  • Explain basic SCM Setups.
  • Explain Customization and Extension of Applications.
  • Understand SCM Cloud Security.

Benefits to You

Taking this course will empower you to successfully execute setup steps in a Fusion Applications instance. The knowledge and skills you gain from this training will ensure a smooth and successful implementation of your Supply Chain Management Cloud applications. You'll walk away with a better understanding of the core implementation tasks required to set up your applications, while learning how core functionalities can benefit your entire enterprise.

Instructional Approach

Each lesson in this course begins with your instructor presenting important concepts related to the functional setup or functionality of Oracle SCM Cloud. Following each lesson, you'll complete a portion of the setup in the application, discuss key setup decisions and best practices and will complete a knowledge assessment quiz.

Skills Gained

  • Explain SCM Cloud Security
  • Explain SCM setup tasks
  • Identify and perform required common setup tasks
  • Explain Customization and Extension of Applications
  • Explain SCM Cloud Overview
  • Explain data integration options

Who Can Benefit

  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cloud User
  • Configuration Consultant
  • Functional Implementer

Course Details

Introduction to Oracle SCM Cloud

  • Oracle SCM Cloud Capabilities: Overview
  • Navigation Basics
  • Resources

Introduction to Functional Setup Manager

  • Describe the features of Oracle Functional Setup Manager
  • Explain roles and responsibilities
  • Demonstrate how to implement a Product Hub offering using Functional Setup Manager

Inventory Organizations, UOM, Calendars and Flexfields

  • Explain key inventory objects, subinventories, locators, and item organizations
  • Describe units of measure and their classes and base units of measure
  • Describe unit of measure conversions
  • Explain and create calendars and explain calendar best practices
  • Describe flexfields, flexfield segments, and value sets
  • Describe the function of the Account Alias and Locator flexfields

Overview of Application Security

  • Explain Role-Based Access Control
  • Discuss concepts associated with users
  • Discuss role customization
  • Discuss managing and auditing security

Customization and Extension of Applications: Overview

  • Provide an overview of customizing and extending applicationsw
  • Explain personalization, run time customizations, and extensions
  • Explain the customization life cycle
  • Explain customization options
  • Explain reporting customization options