Developing Applications using Oracle IoT Cloud Service

Course Details
Code: D100855GC10
Tuition (USD): $1,470.00 • Virtual (2 days)
$1,550.00 • Classroom (2 days)

Developing Applications using Oracle IoT Cloud Service course, is intended for IoT device software developers, applications developers who plan to use Oracle IoT Cloud Service to manage, and develop for their IoT network. This will helps you make business decisions and strategies by allowing you to connect your devices to the cloud, analyze data and alert messages from those devices in real time, and integrate your data with enterprise applications. You will also learn to connect different types of devices and register their resources and metadata. You can also deploy software applications to your registered devices.

Benefits to You
When you walk away from this training, you will have learned what Oracle IoT Cloud Service really means, what it involves, and how it affects enterprises and their strategies. Finally, taking this course empowers you to find solutions to fix your customers' business problems.

Suggested Audience

Skills Gained

  • Understand Client Software Libraries
  • Manage IoT Data Flow and Application
  • Understand Internet of Things
  • Setting up Oracle Cloud Service Instance
  • Creating Devices and Device Models in IoT Cloud Services Application
  • Creating Oracle IoT Cloud Service Applications

Who Can Benefit

  • Cloud Application Developer
  • IoT Cloud Developer


  • Basic knowledge on JavaScript
  • Basic knowledge on REST API
  • Worked on any programming language
  • Basic knowledge on Node.js
  • Basic knowledge on JSON

Course Details

Understanding Internet of Things

  • Class Introduction
  • Describe the brief history of IoT
  • Explain IoT(Internet of Things)
  • Explain definition of “Things”
  • Describe the attributes of Things
  • Explain WoT Terminology
  • Describe Technology Road map of Internet of things

Understanding Cloud Computing

  • Cloud computing
  • Characteristics of Cloud Computing.
  • Oracle Cloud Products Overview

Getting Started with Oracle Cloud

  • Types of Oracle Cloud accounts
  • Subscribing to an Oracle Cloud Service Trial
  • Adding Users and Assigning Roles
  • Creating Cloud Service Instance
  • Generating Key Pair

Creating Cloud Service Instance

  • Steps for Creating IoT Cloud Service Instance
  • Creating Database Instance
  • Creating Java Cloud Instance
  • Understanding Container and storage Instance
  • Components of Dashboard

Creating Oracle IoT Cloud Service Applications

  • Workflow for Implementing the Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service
  • Accessing the Management Console
  • Creating Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service Applications

Devices in IoT Cloud Services

  • Device Types in Oracle IoT Cloud Service
  • Device Life Cycle in Oracle IoT Cloud Service
  • Creating a New Device Model
  • Managing Your Device Models
  • Device Resources in Oracle IoT Cloud Service
  • Device Metadata in Oracle IoT Cloud Service
  • Registering , Activating, Deactivating, Decommissioning of Devices

Managing IoT Cloud service Application

  • Creating a New Application, Configuring device model, Adding message Exploration
  • Deploying an IoT Application
  • Importing an IoT Application
  • Exporting an IoT Application

Overview of Client Software Libraries

  • Data Simulator Overview
  • Setting Up and Using Data Simulator
  • Client Software libraries overview and architecture
  • Available Client software libraries
  • IoT Cloud Service Client Software Library Application Model
  • Locating and Downloading Client Software libraries
  • REST API libraries Overviews
  • Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service Using a JavaScript Application

Understanding End to End Data Flow from Registered Device to IoT Cloud Service

  • Start point and End point of Data/message
  • Message Formats in Oracle IoT Cloud Service
  • Overview of Oracle IoT Cloud Service Stream Exploration
  • End to End Dataflow Demo Using JavaScript Client libraries