Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tuning

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Code: D61020
Tuition (USD): $1,774.00 $1,685.30 • Self Paced
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Course Details
GSA (USD): $1,519.29 • Self Paced
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Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tuning DBA Release 2 (11gR2-PERFORM)

Students learn how to use Oracle Database 11g automatic tuning features such as SQL Tuning Advisor, SQL Access Advisor, Automatic Workload Repository and Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor, and practice these tuning methods. This course focuses on the tuning tasks expected of a DBA: reactive tuning of SQL statements, maintaining SQL statement performance, and tuning the Oracle Database Instance components. Throughout the course, students practice the art of tuning an Oracle Instance.

Learn To:

  • Use the Oracle Database tuning methodology appropriate to the available tools
  • Utilize database advisors to proactively tune an Oracle Database Instance
  • Use the tools based on the Automatic Workload Repository to tune the database
  • Diagnose and tune common SQL related performance problems
  • Diagnose and tune common Instance related performance problems
  • Use Enterprise Manager performance-related pages to monitor an Oracle Database

Suggested Audience

Who Can Benefit

  • Database Administrators
  • Technical Administrator
  • Technical Consultant


  • A general understanding of database administration
  • Skills and knowledge commensurate with Oracle’s Database 11g: Administration Workshop I and Workshop II, or equivalent experience

Course Details

Oracle Database 11g: Performance Tuning Methodology and Tools

  • Introduction to Performance Tuning in Oracle Database 11g
  • Performance Tuning Diagnostics and Tools in Oracle Database 11g

Oracle Database 11g: Using AWR and Defining Problems

  • Working with the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)
  • Defining Problems in Oracle Database 11g

Oracle Database 11g: Metrics, Alerts, Baselines, AWR Tools and Services

  • Metrics, Alerts, Baselines and Thresholds in Oracle Database 11g
  • Using AWR-Based Tools
  • Configuring, Managing, and Implementing Services

Oracle Database 11g: Problem SQL Statements and Oracle Optimizer

  • Identifying Problem SQL Statements
  • Influencing the Oracle Query Optimizer

Oracle Database 11g: SQL Performance Management and Database Replay

  • Using SQL Performance Analyzer and SQL Performance Management
  • Using Database Replay

Oracle Database 11g: Shared Pool and Buffer Cache Tuning

  • Tuning the Buffer Cache
  • Using Automatic Memory Management

Oracle Database 11g: Tuning PGA, Temporary Space, and Automatic Memory Management

  • Tuning PGA and Temporary Space
  • Using Automatic Memory Management

Oracle Database 11g: Segment Space, I/O and Performance Tuning

  • Tuning Segment Space Usage
  • Tuning I/O and Performance Tuning