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Oracle Database 11g Program Development

Course Details
Code: D78968
Tuition (USD): $177.00 $168.15 • Self Paced
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Course Details
GSA (USD): $151.58 • Self Paced

In this course, you will learn about the 11g new features in the application development area. There are several SQL and PL/SQL improvements in performance, language functionality, language usability. Additionally PHP, API, and precompiler areas are enhanced.

Skills Gained

  • Describe the SQL and PL/SQL performance improvements.
  • List the SQL and PL/SQL language functionality enhancements
  • Use the SQL and PL/SQL language usability enhancements
  • Describe the PHP enhancements
  • Understand the API and precompiler enhancements
  • List Rules Manager Enhancements
  • Use Rule Conditions for Text Events

Course Details

Performance Improvements for PL/SQL

  • Intra-Unit Inlining
  • Inlining: Example
  • Compound Trigger: Overview
  • Compound Trigger: Example
  • Other Trigger Changes
  • Creating a Disabled Trigger
  • FOLLOWS Clause

Language Functionality Enhancements for PL/SQL

  • Regular Expression Enhancements
  • REGEXP_INSTR: Examples
  • REGEXP_SUBSTR: Example
  • PL/SQL Finer-Grained Dependency Management: Example
  • Support for Generalized Invocation
  • Setting the DDL_LOCK_TIMEOUT Parameter
  • Dynamic SQL: Functional Completeness
  • Transforming a DBMS_SQL Cursor into a REF CURSOR

Language Usability Enhancements for PL/SQL

  • Sequence Enhancement
  • Using Sequences in PL/SQL Expressions
  • PL/SQL CONTINUE Statement
  • Named and Mixed Notation from SQL
  • Read-Only Tables

API and Precompiler Enhancements

  • Client-Side Query Cache
  • Pro*C/C++ and Pro*Cobol Precompiler Enhancements
  • IBM DB2 Array INSERT and SELECT Syntax Support
  • IBM DB2 Array SELECT: Example
  • Converting Precompiler Batch Inserts
  • Pro*Cobol Endianness Support
  • Oracle JVM JIT Compiler
  • Enhanced DBMS_JAVA Package

Oracle Database Resident Connection Pooling

  • Database Resident Connection Pooling
  • Enabling DRCP in your Application
  • Starting and Stopping DRCP
  • Monitoring Performance
  • Tuning DRCP
  • Using Database Resident Connection Pooling

Rules Manager New Features

  • Overview of Rules Manager Enhancements
  • Rule Conditions for Text Events
  • Support for Shareable Primitive Rule Conditions
  • Support For Disabling And Enabling Rules
  • Support for Purging Events in Development Environments
  • Support for Collection Events and Aggregate Predicates
  • Support for Text Predicates in Stored Expressions