Data Warehouse Design Tips

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Code: D77077
Tuition (USD): $355.00 $337.25 • Self Paced
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Course Details
GSA (USD): $304.03 • Self Paced

Students are introduced to the data warehouse environment in the context of the enterprise architecture. Students learn to identify each component of the architecture and its role in the overall system. Students learn how specific business needs can influence the data warehouse design, and also learn how to translate business issues into subject areas.

Skills Gained

  • Review and describe the characteristics of a data warehouse
  • Describe all of the components of an enterprise architecture
  • Examine different data warehouse architectures
  • List various types of data that may be considered for the warehouse
  • Identify the requirements of a decision support query environment
  • Outline the steps to building a data warehouse
  • Describe how to determine the first increment according to the value proposition and return on investment
  • Know the different modeling techniques, specifically entity relationship modeling
  • Identify the modeling conventions and terminology used, specifically in the Oracle environment
  • Define metadata and describe why it is important to the warehouse and users
  • Identify types of metadata for every aspect of warehouse operation, management, and access
  • Identify the organizational and technical uses of metadata
  • Evaluate sources for metadata currently in your enterprise
  • Conduct gap analysis and appreciate where this occurs in the Data Warehouse Method

Who Can Benefit

  • Data Warehouse Administrator
  • Data Warehouse Analyst
  • Data Warehouse Developer
  • Database Administrators

Course Details

Introduction to Data Warehouse Design

Data Design in the Warehouse Architecture

Business Processes in Data Warehouse Design

Review of Data Modeling

Metadata Management

Identifying the Data

Physical Data Model Elements

Data Warehousing Models

Considerations for Physical Models

Summary Tables

Designing for Performance

Database Sizing