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R12 Oracle Using and Maintaining Approvals Management

Course Details
Code: D79156
Tuition (USD): $223.00 $211.85 • Self Paced
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Course Details
GSA (USD): $190.98 • Self Paced

This course covers the general concepts, plus using the attributes, conditions, and action types to set up your rules in AME. The module is designed to concentrate on the concepts of understanding Approvals Management in any organization.

This course covers day-to-day operations and maintenance activities that a Business Analyst user of AME performs. The topics in this e-class focuses on various ways in which rules can be defined to address typical business needs, which users can define based on the scenario examples for each topic. This course is applicable to both R12 as well as 11i users.

The targeted audience for this module is anyone interested in using or setting up AME such as developers, support personnel, consultants as well as business users charged with enforcing the enterprises approvals.

Learn To:
  • Create transaction types in AME
  • Define attributes, conditions, and approver groups
  • Define various types of rules
  • Use the test workbench to test your rules
  • Prioritize rules

Skills Gained

  • Gain a high level understanding of the concepts of Approvals
  • Gain a brief introduction to what is the focus of this class and the topics that it is going to cover
  • Define Number Attributes and Supervisor action types when building list creation rules
  • Use the Test Workbench tab to create test transactions and test your rules
  • Define Currency Attributes and Job Level approvals when building list creation rules
  • Define Substitution Rules
  • Define Boolean attributes when defining approver groups
  • Define conditions and exception rules
  • Define rules with rule effective dates
  • Define line level items and string attributes
  • Use dual chains of authority
  • Define and use multiple rules for a single transaction
  • Prioritize rules


  • Good understanding of the calling application to be used in AME
  • General knowledge of Oracle applications navigation

Course Details

Introduction to AME

Approval Processes

Using the Administrator and Business Analyst Dashboard

Approval Policies

Building List Creation Rules - Part 1

Test Workbench – Testing Rules and Transactions

Building List Creation Rules - Part 2

List Modification and Substitution Rules

Defining and Using Approver Groups

Defining Exception Rules

Date Attributes and Rule Effective Dates

Line Level Items and String Attributes

Dual Chains of Authority

Handling Multiple Rules on a Transaction

Rule Priorities

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