R12.2 Oracle Depot Repair Fundamentals (Training On Demand)

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Code: D101247GC10
Tuition (USD): $1,630.00 $1,548.50 • Self Paced (2 days)
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R12.2 Oracle Depot Repair Fundamentals (D96989GC10)

This course will be applicable for customers who have implemented Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, 12.2 or 12.2

In this course, students learn to use Oracle Depot Repair to create service requests and repair orders for repair job management, repair order management, and repair resolution management. Students also gain a comprehensive understanding of the integration between Oracle Depot Repair with other Oracle modules. Students learn to use the core of Oracle Depot Repair, which is the Depot Repair Workbench that provides service agents with instant access to customer and Repair Order information. You can access a number of tabs from the Depot Repair Workbench. Some tabs show information about the customer, the Service Request, and the service history of the item. Additionally, they also learn to assign repair jobs to third party organizations.

Learn To:
  • Understand Oracle Depot Repair
  • Set Up Oracle Depot Repair
  • Use the Depot Repair Workbench
  • Understand Bulk Receiving
  • Use the Repair Technician Module

Skills Gained

  • Create a service request
  • Create a repair order
  • Process receiving or shipping transactions
  • Manage repair orders
  • Receive unplanned returns
  • Execute repairs
  • Create and book return line manually
  • Transfer Install Base ownership
  • Create and process repair estimate
  • Create and process WIP repair jobs
  • Execute outside processing
  • View service bulletins
  • Process bulk receiving
  • Execute repairs using Repair Technican module
  • Auto-issue repair items to jobs
  • Set up Oracle Depot Repair


  • Working experience with Oracle
  • Oracle Install Base

Course Details

Overview of Oracle Depot Repair

  • Introduction to Oracle Depot Repair
  • Oracle Depot Repair Business Scenarios
  • Overview of Oracle Depot Repair Key Features
  • Overview of States, Statuses, Status Transitions, and Repair Type Transitions
  • Understand the Integration with other Oracle Modules

Setting Up Oracle Depot Repair

  • Set Up Oracle Depot Repair
  • Key Implementation Decisions
  • WIP and Task Mode Setup Considerations
  • Setting Up Defaulting Rules
  • Setting Up Service Bulletins
  • Setting Up Diagnostic Codes
  • Setting Up Service Codes
  • Setting Up Root Cause Defect Codes

Using the Depot Repair Workbench

  • Overview of Service Request
  • Managing Repair Orders
  • Overview of Diagnostic and Service Codes
  • Shipping and Receiving Items
  • Managing Repair Estimates
  • Managing WIP Repair Jobs
  • Processing Repair Tasks

Bulk Receiving Module

  • Overview of Bulk Receiving
  • Bulk Receiving Process Flow
  • Bulk Receiving Items Processing Logic

Repair Technician Module

  • Overview of Repair Technician Module
  • Managing Repair Orders using the Repair Technician Module
  • Using the Evaluation Tab
  • Using the Repair Execution Tab
  • Using the Debrief Report Tab
  • Viewing Service Bulletins
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