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Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11.1.2 for Interactive Users ( (Training On Demand)

Course Details
Code: D86154GC20
Tuition (USD): $2,445.00 $2,322.75 • Self Paced (3 days)
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Course Details
GSA (USD): $2,093.95 • Self Paced (3 days)
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Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11.1.2 for Interactive Users Ed 2 (D67440GC20)

This Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11.1.2 for Interactive Users ( training helps you deep dive into learning how to enter, view, consolidate and manage your financial information using this Oracle solution. With the help of expert Oracle University instructors, you'll develop the knowledge and skills to enter and view data, while creating and entering journal entries and inter-company transactions.

Learn To:

  • Navigate Financial Management.
  • Enter and calculate data.
  • Create journal entries.
  • Enter intercompany data.
  • Consolidate data.
  • Analyze and enter data in Smart View.

Benefits to You

Enrolling in this course will also give you the opportunity to create and view reports in Financial Reporting, execute business calculations, perform consolidations and analyze data in Smart View. Participate in hands-on exercises to solidify your learning.

Skills Gained

  • Create reports in Financial Reporting
  • Navigate Financial Management
  • Enter and calculate data
  • Create journal entries
  • Enter intercompany data
  • Consolidate data
  • Translate data
  • Analyze and enter data in Smart View


  • Basic Microsoft Windows skills
  • Basic Excel skills
  • Basic accounting concepts

Course Details

Introduction to Financial Management

  • Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management System
  • Benefits of Financial Management
  • Financial Consolidation, Reporting, and Analysis
  • Financial Management Architecture Product Components
  • Financial Management Business Process
  • Related Oracle Hyperion Products

Navigating Financial Management

  • Metadata
  • Dimensions
  • Financial Management Components
  • Workspace Overview
  • Logging On to Workspace
  • Opening Applications
  • Selecting Members

Entering Data in Data Grids

  • Data Grids Overview
  • Accessing Data Grids
  • Changing the Grid Layout and Display
  • Selecting Members for Dimensions
  • Managing Data Grid Settings
  • Adding Cell Text and Custom Documents
  • Adding Line-Item Detail
  • Retrieving Data from FDM

Loading and Extracting Data

  • Data Load and Extract Methods
  • Data Load Text Files
  • Loading Data from Files
  • Extracting Data
  • Copying Data
  • Removing Data
  • Transferring Data

Entering Data in Data Forms

  • About Data Forms
  • Entering Data
  • Calculating Data
  • Adding Cell Text and Documents
  • Adding and Viewing Line-Item Details
  • Accessing Linked Forms
  • Adding Members to Data Forms

Adjusting Data with Journals

  • Journals Overview
  • Viewing Automated Consolidated Journals
  • Creating Parent and Contribution Adjustments
  • Opening and Closing Periods for Journal Entries
  • Journal Creation Process
  • Creating Journal Templates
  • Setting the Point of View
  • Creating Journals

Processing and Reporting Journals

  • Journal Review Process Overview
  • Managing Journals
  • Viewing Journal Adjustments
  • Creating, Previewing, Saving, and Printing Journal Reports
  • Formatting Journal Reports with Oracle BI Publisher

Eliminating Intercompany Balances

  • Intercompany Transactions Overview
  • Creating Intercompany Reports
  • Formatting Intercompany Reports with Oracle BI Publisher
  • Sending Email Alerts from an Intercompany Report

Running Consolidations

  • Financial Management Business Process
  • Consolidation Overview
  • Checking Calculation Status
  • Translating Financial Data

Managing the Review Cycle with Process Management

  • Process Management Overview
  • Viewing Process Unit Status
  • About Validating Process Units
  • Calculating and Consolidating Data
  • Moving Process Units Through the Review Cycle
  • Managing Process Unit States in Data Grids

Analyzing Data with Smart View

  • Smart View Overview
  • Accessing the Smart View Ribbon
  • Connecting to Data Sources
  • Specifying Smart View Options
  • Viewing and Analyzing Data Using Ad Hoc Analysis
  • Opening Data Forms and Grids in Smart View
  • Submitting and Calculating Data

Navigating Financial Reports in Workspace

  • Navigating Financial Reporting
  • Setting Preferences
  • Browsing the Repository
  • Searching for Items
  • Previewing Reports
  • Changing the User Point of View

Navigating Financial Reporting Studio

  • Logging On to Reporting Studio
  • Opening Reports
  • Previewing and Printing Reports

Creating Basic Reports

  • Report Creation Overview
  • Creating Reports
  • Selecting Members for Rows and Columns
  • Setting the Point of Setting the Point of View
  • Adding Rows or Columns
  • Saving Reports

Formatting Cells and Grids

  • Formatting Cells
  • Formatting Grids
  • Suppressing Data
  • Applying Conditional Formatting in Grids
  • Setting Up Pages

Creating Report Objects

  • Report Objects Overvie
  • Creating Text Boxes
  • Adding Images
  • Saving and Linking Report Objects
  • Inserting Saved Report Objects
  • Linked Object Properties
  • Designing Headers and Footers

Adding Text Functions

  • Text Functions Overview
  • Inserting Text Functions in Text Boxes
  • Inserting Text Functions in Headings and Text Cells
  • Creating Dynamic Values with the Current Keyword
  • Displaying the Row and Column IDs
  • Displaying Text Function Errors
  • Displaying Text Function Errors
  • Common Text Functions

Creating Books with Multiple Reports

  • Books Overview
  • Previewing and Printing Books
  • Changing the Book POV
  • Importing Files into the Repository
  • Creating Books
  • Include Related Content in Books
  • Changing the Appearance of Books
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