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Oracle Hyperion Smart View 11.1.2 for Planning ( (Training On Demand)

Course Details
Code: D89589GC20
Tuition (USD): $815.00 $774.25 • Self Paced (1 day)
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Course Details
GSA (USD): $697.98 • Self Paced (1 day)
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Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
Oracle Hyperion Smart View 11.1.2 for Planning ( (D69828GC20)

This Oracle Hyperion Smart View 11.1.2 for Planning ( training teaches you how to use Smart View to enter, adjust and analyze Planning data. You learn how to annotate and predict data and use ad hoc tools to analyze data.

Learn To:

  • Navigate the Smart View interface.
  • Connect to data sources.
  • Enter, calculate and analyze planning data.
  • Manage the approval process and task lists.
  • Embed dynamic data points in Microsoft Office documents.
  • Run and view predictions in Predictive Planning.

Benefits to You

Investing in this course will also help you develop the ability to embed dynamic data points in Microsoft Office documents. You'll then learn how to manage the Planning approval process and work with task lists. To solidify and apply your learning, you'll participate in hands-on exercises that you can use in your daily job.

Skills Gained

  • Navigate the Smart View interface
  • Set Smart View options
  • Connect to shared and private data sources
  • Enter
  • spread
  • and calculate data in forms
  • Run and view predictions
  • Use adhoc analysis to analyze data
  • Embed dynamic data points in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
  • Perform approval process tasks
  • Complete task lists in Microsoft Excel and Outlook
  • Describe the key features and benefits of Smart View for Planning


  • Basic understanding of financial planning and budgeting concepts
  • Basic Microsoft Windows skills
  • Basic knowledge of Planning data sources
  • Moderate experience with the Microsoft Office suite

Course Details

Introduction to Smart View

  • Oracle Hyperion Planning
  • Smart View Overview
  • Smart View Architecture
  • Integration with Source Systems
  • Smart View Business Process

Navigating Smart View and Setting Options

  • Smart View Excel Interface
  • Connection Types
  • Connecting to Data Sources
  • View Planning data in Excel
  • Setting Smart View Options

Managing Data in Forms

  • Working with Forms in Excel
  • Entering and Adjusting Data
  • Annotating Data Cells
  • Calculating Data Values
  • Monitoring Planning Jobs in Job Console
  • Submitting Data

Introduction to Predictive Planning

  • Predictive Planning Overview
  • Setting General Options
  • Running Predictions
  • Viewing Prediction Results
  • Pasting Results in Forms
  • Creating Comparison and Custom Views

Analyzing Data with Ad Hoc Analysis Tools

  • Starting Ad Hoc Analysis
  • Selecting Members
  • Formatting Ad Hoc Grids
  • Zooming In and Out on Members
  • Pivoting, Keeping, and Removing Members
  • Saving Ad Hoc Grids
  • Cascading Reports
  • Embedding Data in Word and PowerPoint

Managing the Approval Process

  • Planning Approval Process Overview
  • Validating Planning Units
  • Resolving Validation Errors
  • Changing Planning Unit Statuses
  • Annotating Planning Units

Managing Task Lists

  • Task List Management Overview
  • Importing Task Lists into Microsoft Outlook
  • Opening Task Lists
  • Viewing Task Details
  • Executing and Completing Tasks
  • Creating Task List Reports
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