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Oracle Coherence 12c: New Features

Course Details
Code: D80864GC10
Tuition (USD): $1,628.00 • Classroom (2 days)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $1,284.63 • Classroom (2 days)

This Oracle Coherence 12c training teaches you about the new features that have been incorporated into the 12c Coherence product since the release of Coherence 3.6. These new features are found in a wide range of areas.

Learn To:

  • Configure Managed Coherence Servers in a WLS Domain.
  • Develop Interceptors using the Live Events.
  • Implement Coherence REST.
  • Implement large data grids using Elastic Data.
  • Develop Grid Archives.
  • Perform automatic POF generation using POF annotations.
  • Integrate Oracle Coherence using Oracle GoldenGate.

Benefits to You

Provide your organization fast access to frequently used data to provide scalability for mission-critical applications. Become knowledgeable about Oracle Coherence and WebLogic integration.

Significant New Features

Significant new features include coverage of the groundbreaking Coherence and WebLogic integration, including Grid Archives or GARs, Coherence REST, Coherence Elastic Data, Integration with Oracle GoldenGate and more.

Skills Gained

  • Implement interceptors using the Live Event Model
  • Extend objects to support REST using JAXB or JSON
  • Implement atomic transactions in Entry processors which span multiple caches
  • Configure RAM and or File based Journals and Elastic data
  • Automate the creation of POF serializers using annotations
  • Create
  • configure and deploy Coherence Container GAR files
  • Improve query performance using explain plans and trace
  • Enumerate the features of the Oracle Goldengate integration for Coherence
  • Edit configuration and projects more easily using Eclipse and OEPE


  • Suggested PrerequisiteJava programming knowledge required
  • JSON knowledge helpful but not required
  • XML knowledge helpful but not required
  • Required PrerequisiteCoherence 3.6 or equivalent knowledge

Course Details

New Features Themes and Introduction

  • Introducing new features of Coherence*Extend
  • Introducing new features of Coherence and OEPE
  • Introducing new features of Coherence and WebLogic Server
  • Introducing Coherence Elastic Data
  • Introducing Coherence Query Improvements
  • Introducing Coherence Partition Level Transactions
  • Introducing Coherence REST
  • Introducing the Coherence Unified Event Model

XSD, POF, and Other Improvements

  • Coherence, Eclipse and Maven
  • Portable Object Format Improvements
  • Atomic Transactions
  • Query Improvements

Elastic Data

  • Listing the Features of Elastic Data
  • Configuring Elastic Data

REpresentational State Transfer

  • Describing Representational State Transfer
  • Modifying Java Objects to Support REST
  • Configuring Coherence to Return Cache Objects via REST
  • Managing Coherence REST Servers Stand-Alone
  • Managing Coherence REST Servers within WLS
  • Querying REST Data using GET, PUT, and DELETE Operations and cURL

Unified Event Model

  • Listing Unified Event Model Concepts
  • Developing UEM Event Handlers
  • Declaratively Registering UEM Event Handlers

Managed Coherence Servers

  • Describing WebLogic Support for Coherence
  • Installing WebLogic Server with Coherence
  • Creating Coherence Servers and Clusters
  • Configuring Server Instances to Support Coherence
  • Enumerating Coherence Application Components and Concepts
  • Deploying Coherence Applications

Coherence*Web and other Integration Improvements

  • Simplifying Coherence*Extend Configuration
  • Configuring Server and Client-Side Load Balancing
  • Developing Custom Load Balancing
  • Integrating GoldenGate and Coherence
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