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Oracle Identity Analytics 11gR1: Administration

Course Details
Code: D68340GC30
Tuition (USD): $2,931.00 • Classroom (3 days)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $2,312.34 • Classroom (3 days)

In this course, students learn to administer Oracle Identity Analytics 11gR1 PS1 (, which provides comprehensive role lifecycle management and identity compliance capabilities to streamline operations, enhance compliance, and reduce costs. This course provides the student with an entry point for new users into Oracle Identity Analytics and covers the necessary concepts for implementing and managing a role-based access control solution.

The course starts with having the student install, configure, and launch Oracle Identity Analytics, and using this Oracle Identity Management product to build an identity warehouse. The student then learns how to configure security in Oracle Identity Analytics. Next, the student learns how to create and manage four types of identity certifications in Oracle Identity Analytics: User Entitlement, Data Owner, Resource Entitlement, and Role Entitlement. The student then learns how to configure auditing in Oracle Identity Analytics. This includes creating policies, running audit scans, and examining policy violations. In role engineering, the student learns how to configure role mining tasks, and perform role and entitlements discovery. For role management, the student learns about role modification and workflow configuration. Lastly, the student learns how to use Oracle Identity Analytics to generate both predefined and custom reports.

Learn To:
  • Install, configure, and launch Oracle Identity Analytics
  • Build an identity warehouse
  • Configure Oracle Identity Analytics security
  • Manage identity certifications for user entitlements, data owners, resources, and roles
  • Configure identity audits
  • Perform role engineering and role management, and generate reports

Skills Gained

  • Install
  • configure
  • and launch Oracle Identity Analytics
  • Build an identity warehouse
  • Configure Oracle Identity Analytics security
  • Create User Entitlement
  • Data Owner
  • Resource Entitlement
  • and Role Entitlement identity certifications
  • Configure identity audits
  • Perform role engineering
  • Perform role lifecycle management
  • Generate predefined and custom reports


  • An understanding of identity management
  • A good familiarity with a Linux-based environment
  • An understanding of role-based access control
  • A general comprehension of Oracle WebLogic Server 11g and Oracle Database 11g

Course Details

Introducing Oracle Identity Analytics 11gR1

  • Identifying the business drivers for role management
  • Describing methods for meeting compliance
  • Describing how a role management solution streamlines the process
  • Describing the features and components of Oracle Identity Analytics
  • Describing an Oracle Identity Analytics implementation
  • Creating the Oracle Identity Analytics folder structure and schema
  • Installing, configuring, deploying, and launching Oracle Identity Analytics

Building the Identity Warehouse

  • Describing Oracle Identity Analytics terminology, the Identity Warehouse, methods for importing data, job scheduling, and risk
  • Building an Identity Warehouse
  • Creating a provisioning server
  • Importing users, accounts, roles, and policies
  • Defining resource types and business structures
  • Configuring an application
  • Managing resource data
  • Configuring risk

Configuring Oracle Identity Analytics Security

  • Identifying Oracle Identity Analytics users and roles
  • Comparing Oracle Identity Analytics users and global users
  • Configuring the creation and correlation between Oracle Identity Analytics users and a global user
  • Comparing Oracle Identity Analytics roles and Identity Warehouse roles
  • Creating and managing Oracle Identity Analytics roles
  • Describing proxy assignments
  • Creating proxies for users

Managing Identity Certifications for User Entitlements and Data Owners

  • Describing security challenges faced by organizations
  • Describing the benefits of an automated certification process
  • Establishing a certification environment
  • Configuring the Oracle Identity Analytics Glossary
  • Describing the identity certification process
  • Configuring, creating, and completing identity certifications for user entitlements and data owners (User Entitlement and Data Owner identity certifications)
  • Performing remediation validation on the identity certifications

Managing Identity Certifications for Resources and Roles

  • Comparing identity certifications for resources and roles (Resource Entitlement and Role Entitlement certifications)
  • Configuring, creating, and completing Resource Entitlement and Role Entitlement certifications
  • Explaining incremental certification

Configuring Auditing

  • Describing identity auditing
  • Configuring audit rules and audit policies
  • Performing audit scans and detecting policy violations
  • Scheduling audit scan jobs

Performing Role Engineering

  • Describing best practices for defining roles
  • Configuring logging for role mining
  • Performing role mining
  • Configuring, reviewing, and analyzing role mining results
  • Performing entitlements discovery

Performing Role Management

  • Describing the phases of a role’s life cycle
  • Describing best practices for managing roles
  • Configuring role and rule workflows
  • Modifying and approving roles
  • Consolidating roles
  • Configuring role provisioning rules
  • Configuring rules, policies, and roles for segregation of duties (SoD)
  • Configuring event listeners

Generating Reports

  • Creating predefined reports
  • Generating custom reports
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