S Oracle Identity and Access Management Overview Seminar Ed 1 (Training On Demand)

Course Details
Code: D95215GC10
Tuition (USD): $1,630.00 $1,548.50 • Self Paced (2 days)
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Course Details
GSA (USD): $1,395.97 • Self Paced (2 days)

Oracle Identity and Access Management Overview Seminar covers the functional aspects, importance and role of individual product used in implementation of security infrastructure. It covers overall architecture, configuration and overview of IDAM components integration. It also covers the introduction of OAuth, various components and protocols used in Identity Federation.

Seminar is based on following IDAM products.

  • Oracle Identity Governance based of 11g R2 PS3(
  • Oracle Access Manger based on 11g R2 PS3(
  • Oracle Adaptive Access Manger based on 11g R1(
  • Oracle Identity Federation based on 11g R2 PS2(
  • Oracle Directory Services based on 11g R1 (
  • Oracle Virtual Directory based on 11g R1 (

Note: This seminar based training is without hands-on.

Skills Gained

  • Overview on basic integration of OAM and OAAM
  • Understanding the concept of LDAP
  • Understanding the concept of Identity Federations and various protocol used in federation implementation
  • Understanding the various products used in Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite (IDAM)
  • Understanding architecture
  • components of various IDAM products
  • Understanding Oracle Identity Governance and its components
  • Understanding various terminology
  • benefits and functional aspects.

Course Details

Understanding Identity Management and Identity Governance

Introduction of Oracle Access Manger

Introduction to Oracle Adaptive Access Manger

Introduction to Directory Services and Virtual Directory

Introduction to Oracle Identity Federation