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Sun Java Desktop System Library

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Code: D65837
Tuition (USD): $1,596.00 $1,516.20 • Self Paced
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The Sun Java Desktop Library is a set of courses that that enables students to efficiently use the Sun Java Desktop and its many applications. The bundle's aims to help users to maximize the many rich features of the Sun Java Desktop system. In addition, this library provides students with the necessary level of technical knowledge and skills needed for Installing, configuring, verifying proper operation and limited troubleshooting of the Java Desktop Systems and its many application components.

Students who can benefit from this course:
System Administrators and End-Users who are using the Java Desktop system or any of its applications

Skills Gained

  • Install, configure, utilize and troubleshoot the Sun Java Desktop System and its components


  • Previous experience with e-mail applications, internet browsers, and a GUI based desktop environment
  • Experience using modern office desktop tools including word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation applications

Course Details

Central Configuration Management for the Sun Java Desktop System (WODO-4000)

Java Desktop System Configuration Manager (WODO-4300)

What's New in Sun Java Desktop System Release 3 (WODT-2000)

SSGD Software 4.2:Configuration and Administration (WMO-SGD-2495)

GNOME 2.6 Administration and Support (WODO-0131)

Evolution Administration and Support (WODO-1131)

Mozilla Administration and Support (WODO-2131)

Sun Essentials (WPOB-800)

Sun Specialist (WPOB-120)