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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Budgeting Rel 9.0

Course Details
Code: D77059
Tuition (USD): $444.00 $421.80 • Self Paced
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Course Details
GSA (USD): $380.25 • Self Paced
This course describes and demonstrates the fundamentals of setting up the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Budgeting system in order to establish budgets using standard budget methods as well as using other budget methods, managing budgets, and performing budget forecasting. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to confidently set up the Budgeting system, forecast budgets, and establish budgets based on their company’s requirements.

Learn To:

  • Set up the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Budgeting system
  • Create annual budgets and detailed budgets
  • Create journalized budgets
  • Perform budget forecasting
  • Manage budgets
  • Create a budget using Indexed Allocations

Skills Gained

  • Set up the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Budgeting system
  • Establish budgets using standard budget methods
  • Establish budgets using other budget methods
  • Manage budgets
  • Perform budget forecasting

Course Details

Setting Up the System for Budgeting

  • Setting Up Budget Ledger Types
  • Setting Up Budget Pattern Codes

Establishing Budgets Using Basic Budget Methods

  • Setting Up Annual Budgets
  • Creating Detailed Budgets

Establishing Budgets Using Other Budget Methods

  • Creating Journalized Budgets
  • Creating a Budget Using Indexed Allocations
  • Importing a Budget from a Spreadsheet
  • Describing the PC Budget Upload Process

Managing Budgets

  • Reviewing Budget Worksheets
  • Reviewing Budget Comparisons Online
  • Managing Budget Overages

Performing Budget Forecasting

  • Describing Budget Forecasting and Planning
  • Setting Up Forecasting and Planning
  • Creating a Forecasted Budget
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