Oracle Agile 9.3.x Product Governance Compliance Ed 1

Course Details
Code: D94866GC10
Tuition (USD): $1,954.00 • Classroom (2 days)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $1,541.56 • Classroom (2 days)

This Agile 9.3.x Product Governance & Compliance (PG&C) training covers the Agile PLM solution for managing product compliance against standards and regulations. You'll learn how to create declarations for the Requests for Information (RFI) process to collect compliance data, analyze responses, and publish compliance data to the product record and more.

Learn To:

  • Add substances of concern and regulation specifications to the system.
  • Invoke the system compliance calculation engine.
  • Run compliance reports.
  • Understand the Request For Information (RFI) process.
  • Identify the steps, people, and objects in the RFI process.
  • Perform the RFI process using Agile.
  • Create specifications, materials, and substances.
  • Create declarations.
  • Add substance and material information to declarations.
  • Review compliance response data and publish to your product record.
  • Generate product compliance reports.
  • Use external rollup for REACH.
  • Understand the compliance rollup process.

Benefits to You

By taking this course, you'll develop the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience to leverage this product compliance solution to benefit your business.

Course Details

Understanding Requests for Information (RFIs)

Creating Declarations

Responding to RFIs

Verifying and Reporting Compliance

Working with IPC 2.0 and REACH

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