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Oracle CPQ Cloud Administration

Course Details
Tuition (USD): $4,070.00 • Classroom (5 days)

Oracle CPQ Cloud Administration is a bundle course consisting of four individual CPQ Cloud courses, Oracle CPQ Cloud Site Administration, Oracle CPQ Cloud Configuration, Oracle CPQ Cloud Commerce, and Oracle CPQ Cloud Document Designer.

In the Site Administration portion of the class the learner will learn how to perform general site administration tasks in the areas of File Manager, User Management, Bulk Data Uploads and Downloads, Data Tables, and Migration Center.

In the Configuration portion of class the learner will learn how to create product hierarchies, create configurable attributes and arrays, create configuration flows and use the configuration layout editor, and create and implement configuration rules.

In the Commerce portion of class the learner will learn how to work with Commerce attributes, work in the Commerce layout editor, create Commerce actions and build formulas, Create approval sequences, setup Commerce rules, and work with steps, participant profiles, and transition rules.

In the Document Designer portion of class the learner will learn how to create Document Designer templates, use the Document Designer editor, add layout items to a template, add element items to a template, use conditions and loops in the building of documents, work with heading styles, use XSL Snippets, implement translations,and integrate eSignature.

Benefits to You

Learn how to perform day to day system administration tasks on the CPQ Cloud site.

Skills Gained

  • Use the Document Designer editor to create Documnet Designer templates that contain appropriate layout and element items that fit the need of the CPQ Cloud site.
  • Perform day to day site administration tasks on the CPQ Cloud site.
  • Create a proper product hierarchy, configurable attributes, configuration rules, and configuration flows for use on the CPQ Cloud site.
  • Create appropriate Commerce rules, actions, and attributes for use on the CPQ Cloud site.

Who Can Benefit

  • Business Analysts
  • Configuration Consultant
  • Configuration Implementer
  • Implementation Consultant
  • System Administrator
  • System Integrator
  • Systems Architects
  • Technical Consultant

Course Details

Oracle CPQ Cloud: Site Administration

  • Introduction to Oracle CPQ Cloud
  • File Manager
  • User Management
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Part/Item Master and Bulk Data Upload/Download
  • Data Tables
  • Development, Test, and Production Environments

Oracle CPQ Cloud Configuration

  • Introduction to Configuration
  • Product Hierarchy
  • Configurable Attributes and Arrays
  • Configuration Flows and the Layout Editor
  • Configuration Rules and Settings
  • Single Select Pick Lists
  • Introduction to Mobile
  • Mobile Configuration

Oracle CPQ Cloud Commerce

  • Introduction to Commerce and Administration Navigation
  • Commerce Attributes
  • Commerce Layout Editor
  • Commerce Actions and Formula Management
  • Approval Sequences and Email Templates
  • Commerce Rules
  • Steps, Participant Profiles, and Transition Rules
  • Mobile Commerce

Oracle CPQ Cloud Document Designer

  • Introduction to the Document Designer
  • Creating Document Designer Templates
  • The Document Designer Editor
  • Layouts
  • Elements
  • Conditions and Loops
  • Heading Styles
  • XSL Snippets