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Implementing Endeca Commerce Core Technologies Rel 3.1 (Training On Demand)

Course Details
Code: D80570GC10
Tuition (USD): $2,445.00 $2,322.75 • Self Paced (3 days)
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Course Details
GSA (USD): $2,093.95 • Self Paced (3 days)

This Implementing Oracle Endeca Commerce Core Technologies 3.1 training is ideal for developers and architects. Learn the fundamental knowledge of Endeca Guided Search and the tasks involved in extending and customizing the core functionality.

Learn To:

  • Understand the components of an Oracle Endeca Commerce solution.
  • Configure Properties and dimensions.
  • Manipulate data in the pipeline.
  • Configure guided navigation with various dimension types.
  • Configure and enhance search through features like search interfaces and relevancy ranking.
  • Load data from text extracts, XML, databases (via JDBC) and CAS.
  • Understand the technical architecture and how to load data into the MDEX engine.
  • Execute the basics of project development, data design, properties and dimensions.

Part 1

This course begins with an overview of Endeca Commerce features and functionality. You will come to understand various related configurations, including sort, search, refinement statistics and multi-select.

Part 2

Next, you'll learn the concepts of auto-generated and manual dimensions, along with configuring Endeca's Guided Navigation feature. Topics discussed include: range and sift dimensions, refinement ranking and precedence rules.

Explore various search configurations available with Endeca, including search interfaces, match modes and relevance ranking. Get introduced to more advanced concepts like record design and joining data from multiple input sources.

Part 3

On the final day, you'll learn to use the Content Acquisition System (CAS) to crawl data and load the resulting record store into the MDEX. Instructors teach you how to integrate data from product catalog systems into an Endeca Commerce application. The ATG-Endeca integration will be introduced using this approach.

Skills Gained

  • Manipulate data in the pipeline
  • Use Product Catalog Integration to integrate with other systems
  • Configure Properties and Dimensions in an Endeca Solution
  • Configure Guided Navigation with the various dimension types
  • Configure and enhance search through features such as search interfaces and relevancy ranking
  • Load data from text extracts, XML, databases (via JDBC), and CAS

Who Can Benefit

  • Application Developers
  • Data Warehouse Developer
  • Technical Consultant


  • Familiarity with search and navigation concepts
  • Windows OS experience

Course Details

Oracle Endeca Technical Basics

  • Introduction to Endeca
  • Project Basics with Endeca

Basic Data Design

  • Introduction to Data Design
  • Creating and Mapping Properties
  • Creating and Mapping Dimensions

Navigation Configuration

  • Manual Dimension Values
  • Dimension Value Configuration
  • Optimizing Navigation

Search Configuration

  • Introduction to Search
  • Enhancing Search
  • Relevance Ranking

Loading and Manipulating Data

  • Loading and Joining Data
  • Manipulating Data

CAS Crawling

  • Introduction to the Content Acquisition System
  • Running CAS Crawls
  • Creating CAS Manipulators

Product Catalog Integration

  • Product Catalog Integration Features
  • Oracle ATG-Enndeca Integration Process Overview
  • Loading Product Catalog Data