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Siebel Application Administration 15.5 (Training On Demand)

Course Details
Code: D102375GC10
Tuition (USD): $4,075.00 $3,871.25 • Self Paced (5 days)
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Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
Siebel Application Administration 15.5 (D94610GC10)

This Siebel Application Administration training is designed for application administrators who support initial and ongoing administration of Siebel applications. The initial section of the course provides grounding in key Siebel CRM concepts; expert Oracle University instructors will help you navigate the application, the Siebel CRM architecture, and the Siebel CRM object model.

Learn To:

  • Navigate a Siebel CRM application.
  • Use access control to limit user visibility to application views and records.
  • Enhance user productivity using tab layouts, view links, and predefined queries.
  • Administer initial data and lists of values.
  • Administer assessment templates, activity templates, and so forth.
  • Administer approvals, inboxes, and reports.

Benefits to You

By taking this course, you'll develop a deeper understanding of access control and how employees and application data must be administered. You'll explore literature, initial data, and administration that directly impacts the user experience: user preferences, lists of values, certain types of data, predefined queries, quick fill templates, message broadcasts, alerts, activity templates, assessment templates, and iHelp.

Automation, Workflows and Administration Topics

This course will also introduce you to business automation, including workflows, and then discusses administration topics that require them, such as approvals, the Universal Inbox, and Siebel Reports. The final section covers additional administration topics such as submitting jobs, state models, the audit trail, system preferences, and administering Assignment Manager.

Please Note

It is appropriate for Siebel 15.x and 8.x customers. Practices are performed using Open UI.

Skills Gained

  • Navigate a Siebel CRM application
  • Use access control to limit user visibility to application views and records
  • Enhance user productivity using tab layouts
  • view links
  • and predefined queries
  • Administer initial data and lists of values.
  • Administer assessment templates
  • activity templates
  • and so forth
  • Administer approvals
  • inboxes
  • and reports

Course Details

Introduction to Siebel CRM

  • Navigating Siebel CRM Applications
  • Working with Data in Siebel CRM Applications
  • Exploring the Siebel Architecture
  • Understanding Object Definitions

Access Control of Records and Views

  • Security and Access Control
  • Responsibilities and Views
  • Users, Positions, and Organizations
  • Controlling Access to Customer Data
  • Catalogs and Master Data

Administering Literature

Customizing the User Experience

  • Modifying Tab Layouts
  • Administering View Links
  • Customizing Home Pages
  • Resetting a User's Preferences

Administering Lists of Values

  • Administering Lists of Values
  • Administering Phone Formats
  • Administering Hierarchical Lists of Values

Administering Initial Data

  • Countries, Currencies, Languages, and Locales
  • Periods
  • Time Zones
  • Households
  • Expense Types and Payment Terms
  • ZIP Codes
  • Industries
  • "Contact Us" Information

Quick Fill Templates and Predefined Queries

  • Administering Quick Fill Templates
  • Administering Predefined Queries
  • Understanding the Default Predefined Query

Administering Message Broadcasts and Alerts

  • Administering Message Broadcasts
  • Administering Alerts

Administering Activity Plans and Templates

  • Defining Activities, Activity Plans, and Activity Templates
  • Administering Activity Templates
  • Administering Sales Methods

Administering Assessment Templates

Administering Siebel iHelp

  • Comparing Siebel iHelp, Task UI, and SmartScripts
  • Creating iHelp Items

Administering Business Automation

  • Defining Business Services, Business Service Methods, and Arguments
  • Activating Workflows
  • Administering Inbound Web Services

Administering Approvals

Administering the Universal Inbox

Administering Siebel Reports

Submitting Jobs

  • Submitting Jobs
  • Creating Job Templates

Creating State Models

Administering Audit Trail

Setting System Preferences

  • Default MVG Exists Query
  • Auto Mgr Calendar Access
  • Forecast: Auto-Forecast
  • Default Time Zone
  • Universal Time Coordinated
  • Strict Date Format

Administering Assignment Manager