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UPK Content Development Rel 12.1

Course Details
Code: D84460GC10
Tuition (USD): $4,885.00 • Classroom (5 days)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $3,853.90 • Classroom (5 days)

This UPK Content Development Rel 12.1 training will teach you how to use the User Productivity Kit Developer to build an outline, prepare for and record content in the target application; use the Topic Editor to customize recorded content. Expert Oracle University instructors will also teach you how to link web pages and external files to your content, while creating and linking questions and assessments.

Learn To:

  • Create and manage library folders.
  • Build outlines by creating new modules, sections and topics.
  • Create and work with styles and style sheets.
  • Link existing content to an outline.
  • Record and edit content.
  • Publish content, including printable documentation.
  • Check-in/check-out documents on the server.
  • Customize templates for player and print output.

Benefits to You

Upon completion, you will be able to preview your content in the available playback modes before publishing. You will also be more familiar with the various deployment options for publishing, including the options for printed documents.

Skills Gained

  • Record and edit content
  • Preview topics in See It!
  • Try It!
  • Know It?
  • and Do It! modes and in document format
  • Publish content
  • including printable documentation
  • Link existing content to an outline
  • Create and use attachments and glossary terms
  • Create questions and assessments
  • Create and manage library folders and create custom Library views
  • Customize the logo and print and Player deployments
  • Import and export content
  • Check in/check-out documents on the server
  • Create Explanation and Decision frames and Alternative actions and paths
  • Create
  • assign
  • and publish by roles
  • Copy existing content to create new outlines
  • Build content outlines using modules
  • sections
  • and topics


  • Participants should have a basic knowledge of Windows
  • Basic knowledge for working with publishing documents

Course Details

Building an Outline

  • Set Content and Document Defaults
  • Export/Import Content Defaults
  • Create a New Outline
  • Link New Modules, Sections, and Topics
  • Link Existing Content
  • Move Documents in an Outline
  • Move Documents in the Library
  • Print an Outline

Recording and Previewing Topics

  • Record Topic Content
  • Use Automatic Screenshot Recording
  • Use Manual Screenshot Recording
  • Preview a Topic for a Play Mode
  • Preview Documents
  • Preview a Presentation

Use the Topic Editor

  • Customize the Layout in the Topic Editor
  • Insert and Delete Frames
  • Copy Frames
  • Define the Action for a Frame
  • Change the Action Area for a Frame
  • Insert and Format Template and Custom Bubble Text
  • Specify the Playback Mode for Custom Text
  • Hide a Frame for a Play Mode

View and Assign Document Properties

  • Use the Properties Toolpane
  • Change General Properties
  • Create See Also Links
  • Change Topic Properties
  • Assign State Values to Documents
  • Assign Document Ownership
  • Change Document Output Properties

Basic and Advanced Publishing

  • Learn about Player and Document Formats
  • Use the Publishing Wizard
  • Publish Player and Document Outputs
  • Publish by State
  • Change Player and Document Options
  • Set Print It! Options for Player Publishing
  • Reset Publishing Options

Create and Link Attachments

  • Create Web Page and Package Attachments
  • Format Web Pages
  • Create Headings, Lists, and Tables
  • Apply Styles from the Default Style Sheet
  • Create Hyperlinks and Images in Web Pages
  • Link Attachments to Concepts in the Outline Editor
  • Link Attachments to Frames in the Topic Editor
  • Manage Linked Attachments

Create and Edit Style Sheets

  • Modify the Default Style Sheet
  • Create New Style Sheets
  • Create Paragraph Styles
  • Create Heading Styles
  • Create Table Styles
  • Create Image Styles
  • Create List Styles

Create a Glossary

  • Create a New Glossary
  • Define Glossary Terms
  • Assign a Glossary to a Document
  • Update Glossary Links
  • Edit a Glossary
  • Delete a Glossary

Include Questions and Assessments

  • Use Questions and Assessments in Content
  • Question Types
  • Link New and Existing Questions to an Outline
  • Create New Questions in the Library
  • Create Assessments
  • Set Question and Assessment Properties
  • Use the Assessment Coverage View
  • Publish Questions and Assessments for Player and Document Outputs

Understand Know It? Mode

  • Know It? Mode - Overview
  • Include Bubble Text in Know It? Mode
  • Preview Frame Text for Know It? Mode
  • Display Template Text in Know It? Mode
  • Set Know It? Scoring Defaults
  • Set Know It? Remediation Levels
  • String Input Scoring in Know It? Mode
  • Preview Know It? Changes

Use Alternative Actions/Paths

  • Insert an Alternative Action
  • Insert an Alternative Path
  • Display Alternative Actions and Paths
  • Change the End Frame of an Alternative Path
  • Set the Default Action
  • Delete an Alternative Action
  • Delete an Alternative Path

Create Decision Frames

  • Use Decision Frames during Playback
  • Insert a Decision Frame
  • Record Paths in a Decision Frame
  • Rename and Reposition Paths in a Decision Frame
  • Edit Header Text
  • Remove Decision Paths
  • Delete a Decision Frame
  • Copy Decision Frames and Paths

Edit Frames

  • Format String Inputs
  • Add New Input Text Entries
  • Recapture Actions and Screenshots
  • Re-record a Topic
  • Hide Bubbles for See It!/Try It! Modes
  • Edit a Screenshot
  • Export Topics to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Create Graphic Overlays in Microsoft PowerPoint

Check In/Check Out

  • Check In and Check Out Documents
  • Add Check In Comments
  • Check in an Interim Copy
  • Overwrite a Checked In Document
  • Open a Locked Document
  • View Document History
  • Roll Back to a Previous Version

Change Views

  • Change Folder Views
  • Split the Work Area
  • Size, Sort, and Rearrange Columns
  • Modify the Current View
  • Reset View Defaults
  • Use a Sample View
  • Print Library Views
  • Print Outline Details

Export/Import Content

  • Export/Import Functionality
  • Export/Import Document Process
  • Export Options
  • Export Content and Related Documents
  • Import Content

Define Roles

  • Open the Role Editor
  • Add a Role to the Master Role List
  • Assign Roles to Documents
  • Remove Roles from Documents
  • Rename and Delete Roles
  • Update a Master Role List
  • Create a New Role List
  • Publish by Roles

Manage Library Documents

  • Create a Custom View
  • Configure View Columns, Sort Order, and Filters
  • Copy a View
  • Share a Custom View
  • Set Autosave Options
  • Autorecover a Document
  • Back up Content
  • Work with Content Permissions

Work with Related Documents

  • View Related Documents
  • Documents under Version Control
  • Delete the Selected Document Only
  • Delete a Document and Related Documents
  • View and Repair Broken Links
  • View Deleted Documents
  • Restore a Deleted Document from the Deleted View
  • Restore a Deleted Document from the Outline Editor

Copy Documents and Outlines

  • Copy and Paste a Document in the Library
  • Paste Special in the Library
  • Copy (selection only) - Library
  • Paste a Duplicate (selection and related) - Library
  • Duplicate a Folder
  • Copy and Paste between Outlines
  • Paste a Copy (selection only) - Outline Editor
  • Paste a Duplicate (selection and related) - Outline Editor

Customize Published Output

  • Create Custom Styles
  • Create a Publishing Category
  • Use the Customize Logo Tool
  • Preview Publishing Categories
  • Publish using Publishing Categories
  • Create a Skin to Customize the Player
  • Copy and Customize Elements in the Skin
  • Customize Document Templates

Use Record It! and Test It!

  • Create a Topic in Record It!
  • Edit a Topic in Record It!
  • Use Test It! Mode
  • Publish and Play Test It! Mode