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Oracle Communications Configuration Management 7.0: User

Course Details
Code: D72060GC10
Tuition (USD): $977.00 • Classroom (1 day)

This course develops the skills of network administrators in several key areas. Students learn to implement automatic backups either on a schedule or when configuration is changed. They use Configuration Management to quickly trace service configuration commands within a complete device configuration. Students verify the compliance of each command and automatically generate the commands needed to repair ‘broken’ services.

Students create and apply change tracking policies to implement real-time monitoring for manual configuration changes. Using the Change Log Viewer, students can trace manual configuration changes to the user that made the change. If services are impacted by the manual change, students use the Online Configuration Console to automatically generate the commands to repair the service and then repair the service. Upon completion of this course, students will have full mastery of Oracle Communications Configuration Management.

Learn To:
  • Create configuration archives
  • Repair managed services
  • Restore device configuration
  • Implement realtime network monitoring
  • Trace service configuration
  • Implement configuration archive backup strategies

Skills Gained

  • Implement realtime network monitoring
  • Enable service configuration assurance
  • Visualize all manual and automated configuration changes over time
  • Trace service configuration changes
  • Restore device configuration
  • Initiate configuration archiving on a schedule or when configuration changes
  • Compare and troubleshoot network configurations
  • Identify who entered which commands at what time


  • Working knowledge of networking
  • Knowledge of IP Service Activator

Course Details

Configuration Management Overview

  • Main Functions
  • The Product Architecture
  • The Object Model
  • Using Roles
  • The Policy Inheritance Model
  • Statefulness
  • User Groups and Security
  • Command Delivery Modes

IP Service Activator

  • Main Window Features
  • Discovering a Network
  • Applying Configuration to Devices
  • Auditing a Device

The User Interface

  • The Configuration Archive Manager
  • Elements of the Configuration Archive Manager
  • The Archive Viewer
  • The Archive Compare Viewer
  • The Archive Policy Editor
  • The Change Tracking Policy Editor
  • The Change Log Viewer
  • The Online Configuration Console

Configuration Archiving

  • The Archive Creation Process
  • Searching for Devices
  • Creating an Archive On Demand
  • Adding Archive Descriptions
  • Locking Archives
  • Searching for Archives
  • Using the Scratchpad
  • Deleting Archive Records

Using Archive Policies

  • Implementing Archive Policies
  • Creating an Archive on Schedule Policy
  • Creating an Archive on Change Policy
  • Deleting an Archive Policy

Tracing Configuration

  • Compliance Management
  • Service Configuration Traceability
  • Viewing an Archived Configuration
  • Comparing Configurations
  • Restoring Configuration

Repairing Configuration

  • Using the Online Configuration Console
  • Repairing a Managed Service
  • Working with Configlets

Implementing Real-time Network Monitoring

  • Change Tracking Process
  • Creating and Applying Change Tracking Policies
  • Viewing Change Log Records
  • Subscribing to Change Log Events