PeopleSoft Contracts

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Code: D81126GC20
Tuition (USD): $3,520.00 • Virtual (4 days)
$3,720.00 • Classroom (4 days)
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GSA (USD): $3,083.12 • Virtual (4 days)
$3,083.12 • Classroom (4 days)
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PeopleSoft Contracts (Training On Demand) (D102891GC20)

The PeopleSoft Contracts course has been updated through update image 11. This course teaches the fundamental concepts and features of the PeopleSoft Contracts application. You will learn how to define the rules for creating and maintaining a contract and more.

Learn To:

  • Prepare and manage contracts for billing.
  • Prepare and manage contracts for generating revenue.
  • Manage prepaid and recurring contract lines.
  • Create, manage and analyze contracts.
  • Create billing and revenue recognition plans and process associated transactions.
  • Generate prepaid associated to contract lines and manage renewable services.

Benefits to You

You will learn to use the major features of PeopleSoft Contracts, which you can apply and build on when you return to your own business environment. Activities throughout the course provide stepwise examples that simulate scenarios in businesses like yours.

Participate in Hands-On Exercises

By participating in a combination of interactive instruction and hands-on exercises, you'll explore the integration with other PeopleSoft applications, such as Billing, Project Costing, Order Management and General Ledger. Through lessons and activities, you'll learn the necessary skills to implement and process contracts in their own environment. The government contracting features and functions of PeopleSoft Contracts 9.2 are not discussed in this course. Supplier contracts are covered in the PeopleSoft Purchasing module.

  • Course materials are appropriate for any customer using Release 9.x PeopleSoft Applications.
  • If a customer has already taken the Release 9.1 course, retake is not necessary.

Suggested Audience

Skills Gained

  • Understand the Contracts Business Process
  • Prepare to Implement Contracts
  • Set up General Control Tables
  • Set up Billing and Revenue Processing Attributes
  • Set up Contracts and Project Costing Accounting
  • Set up Products and Related Tables
  • Define Revenue and Billing Plan Templates
  • Create Contracts
  • Prepare Contracts for Billing
  • Manage Contract Billing
  • Manage Prepaids and Recurring Revenue
  • Manage Contract Revenue
  • Manage Contracts
  • Manage Renewal Processing
  • Analyze Contracts

Who Can Benefit

  • Functional Implementer


  • Use of control tables to enforce business rules
  • Understanding of basic navigation and PeopleSoft concepts
  • Able to run processes and reports

Course Details

Understanding the Contracts Business Process

  • Describing the Scope of Contracts
  • Describing the Lifecycle of a Contract
  • Describing Contracts Terminology
  • Describing the Contracts WorkCenter
  • Describing the Contract Entry Component
  • Describing the Course Case Study

Preparing to Implement Contracts

  • Identifying the Implementation Steps for Contracts
  • Explaining Contracts Integration Points
  • Explaining the Contracts Billing Data Flow
  • Explaining the Contracts Revenue Data Flow
  • Identifying the Implementation Phase for Setting Up a Contracts Business Unit
  • Creating a Contracts Business Unit

Setting Up General Control Tables

  • Establishing Installation Options
  • Establishing User Preferences
  • Defining a Contract Status
  • Defining Contract Types
  • Explaining Contract Classifications
  • Defining a Legal Entity

Setting up Billing and Revenue Processing Attributes

  • Implementing Billing and Revenue Processing Attributes
  • Explaining Billing Summarization
  • Defining Billing Summarization Configuration ID's, Groups, and Templates
  • Defining Transaction Identifiers
  • Explaining Tiered Pricing
  • Identifying Project Costing Terminoloty
  • Defining a Rate Set and a Rate Plan

Setting up Contracts and Project Costing Accounting

  • Implementing Contracts and Project Costing Accounting
  • Illustrating the Contracts Billing and Revenue Process Flows
  • Explaining and Defining the Account Distribution Code Requirements for Contract Billing and Revenue
  • Defining Account Distribution Codes
  • Identifying the Unbilled Accounts Receivable Default Hierarchy
  • Setting up Distribution Sets and Rules
  • Setting up Journal Template Defaults and Accounting Rules for Rate-Based Contract Lines
  • Identifying the Four Revenue Recognition Methods

Setting Up Products and Related Tables

  • Identifying the Implementation Phase for Setting Up Products
  • Defining Products for Contract Usage
  • Identifying Amount-Based, Rate-Based, and Recurring Product Attributes
  • Setting Up Products
  • Setting Up Product Groups
  • Setting Up Product Pricing
  • Setting Up Discounts and Surcharges
  • Setting Up Product Kits

Defining Revenue and Billing Plan Templates

  • Explaining Contracts Billing and Revenue Plans
  • Identifying Billing and Revenue Methods
  • Explaining Billing and Revenue Plan and Event Statuses
  • Defining Revenue and Billing Plan Templates
  • Defining Billing Plan Detail Templates
  • Applying Revenue and Billing Plan Templates to Products

Creating Contracts

  • Identifying the Implementation Phase for Creating a Contract
  • Creating a Contract Header and adding Contract Lines to a Contract
  • Associating Milestones to a Contract
  • Determining Amount Allocations for a Contract
  • Applying Projects and Activities to Contract Lines
  • Applying Limits to Rate-Based Contract Lines
  • Explaining Contract Line Account Distribution Requirements
  • Selecting Contract Lines for Sales Order Generation

Preparing Contracts for Billing

  • Implementing Preparing Contracts for Billing
  • Identifying Billing Plan Creation Tools
  • Managing Billing Plan Components
  • Performing the Contract Activation Process
  • Managing Contract Milestones
  • Explaining the Process Flow for Rate-Based Transactions

Managing Contract Billing

  • Implementing Invoice Generation
  • Explaining the Contracts Billing Process Flow
  • Executing the Contracts/Billing Interface Process
  • Examining the Results of Contract-Billing Interface Process
  • Performing the Billing Interface Process
  • Managing the Billing Worksheet
  • Processing Billable Transactions for Your Contract
  • Evaluating a Contract’s Billing Activity and Limit Processing

Managing Prepaid and Recurring Billing

  • Implementing Prepaids and Recurring Billing
  • Illustrating the Prepaid Process Flow
  • Setting Up a Prepaid Amount for a Contract
  • Managing Prepaid Amounts
  • Utilizing Prepaid Amounts
  • Explaining the Recurring Billing Process
  • Setting Up a Recurring Billing Plan
  • Managing Recurring Bills

Managing Contract Revenue

  • Implementing Contract Revenue
  • Illustrating the Contracts Revenue Recognition Process Flow
  • Preparing Contracts for Revenue Processing
  • Managing Revenue Plans
  • Executing the Revenue Generation Process
  • Evaluating the Results of the Contracts Revenue Processes
  • Reconciling Revenue
  • Preparing a Revenue Forecast

Managing Contracts

  • Identifying the Implementation Phase for Contract Management
  • Identifying the Contract Management Features
  • Illustrating the Process Flow for Amending a Contract
  • Setting Up Amendment Control Tables
  • Creating an Amendment
  • Managing Amended Events
  • Performing Billing and Revenue Reversals

Managing Renewal Processing

  • Implementing Renewal Processing
  • Illustrating the Contracts Renewal Process
  • Setting Up Renewal Plan Templates
  • Describing Renewal Line Pricing
  • Setting Up a Renewable Contract Line
  • Managing Renewable Contract Lines
  • Processing Renewals

Analyzing Contracts

  • Identifying the Contracts Reporting Options
  • Using the Review Contract Summary page
  • Creating a Prepaid Management Report
  • Creating the Billing Management Report
  • Creating a Limit Amount Report