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PeopleSoft Purchasing/Payables Accelerated Rel 9.2

Course Details
Code: D81089GC20
Tuition (USD): $7,816.00 • Classroom (5 days)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $6,166.25 • Classroom (5 days)

The PeopleSoft Purchasing and Payables Accelerated Release 9.2 course has been updated through update image 14. Thsi course explores both applications, beginning with the process of setting up a Purchasing business unit and its installation options. Oracle University instructors describe how you use the business unit with locations, buyers, items, and suppliers to complete Purchasing processes.

Learn To:

  • Work with vouchers.
  • Create, approve, and source requisitions.
  • Define suppliers.
  • Manage purchase orders and receipts.
  • Create purchasing contracts.
  • Set up control tables.
  • Manage data through mass updates and inquiries.
  • Process Supplier Onboarding.
  • Create Payment Requests.
  • Understand the basics of Journal Generator and how to send accounting entries to the general ledger.
  • Dispatch purchase orders, generate purchase order contracts and receive items processes.
  • Understand miscellaneous charges that can be combined with items on a purchase order, supplier setup and maintenance information, items, sales and use tax and supplier price adjustments.

Benefits to You

You'll learn how to use the major features of both PeopleSoft Purchasing and PeopleSoft Payables, which you can apply and build on when you return to your own business environment. Activities throughout the course provide step-wise examples that simulate scenarios in businesses like yours. These processes include creating and sourcing requisitions, running purchase order calculations and creating purchase orders.

Managing the PeopleSoft Payables Application

The Payables portion of the course helps you develop a basic understanding of implementing and managing the PeopleSoft Payables application. From setting up system tables to running Payables reports, you'll learn about the different voucher types and how to copy information into vouchers using purchase orders. You'll be introduced to contract vouchers and recurring vouchers and how to process vouchers through PayCycle and posting payments.

Review Accounting Entries

Expert Oracle University instructors also teach you how to review accounting entries and other Payables information. See how to define rules for entering and processing payables transactions and follow the flow of external and internal invoices from supplier to voucher to payment to general ledger accounting entries.

Skills Gained

  • Describe the business process flow and basic functionality of the Enterprise PeopleSoft Purchasing system
  • Process Supplier Onboarding
  • Analyze PeopleSoft Payables data
  • Enter Payment Requests
  • Set up basic purchasing transactions and run processes
  • Construct PeopleSoft Payables transactions
  • Describe PeopleSoft Payables
  • Explain PeopleSoft reporting tools
  • Identify the way PeopleSoft stores data
  • Set up commonly used advanced features
  • Set up the basic structure for using PeopleSoft Purchasing
  • Manage PeopleSoft Payables processes
  • Set up Payables data


  • Use control tables to enforce business rules
  • Run processes and reports
  • Understand basic navigation and PeopleSoft concepts

Course Details

Business Process Overview

  • Understanding the PeopleSoft Purchasing Business Process Flow and Functionality
  • Understanding the Integration Points between PeopleSoft Purchasing and other PeopleSoft Applications
  • Understanding the Default Hierarchy
  • Buyer WorkCenter
  • Buyer WorkCenter and Dashboard

Establishing Business Units and Processing Options

  • Defining Installation Parameters
  • Creating PeopleSoft Purchasing Business Units
  • Creating PeopleSoft Purchasing Processing Options

Setting Up Required Table Information

  • Creating Locations
  • Adding Ship To Locations
  • Setting Up User Preferences
  • Setting Up Requesters
  • Setting Up Buyers

Determining Supplier Basics

  • Configuring the Supplier Set Control Page
  • Establishing Supplier Processing Authority
  • Searching for a Supplier
  • Adding a New Supplier

Creating Requisitions

  • Explaining the Requisition Business Process Flow
  • Describing Requisitions
  • Creating Requisitions Online
  • Managing the Requester's Workbench
  • Describing the Process to Load Requisitions from Other PeopleSoft Applications

Managing Purchase Orders

  • Explaining the Purchase Order Business Process and Structure
  • Creating and Updating Purchase Orders
  • Creating a Purchase Order by Copying from Another Document
  • Using the Buyer's Workbench
  • Evaluating Options to Dispatch Purchase Orders
  • Performing Mass Buyer Changes
  • Advance Search on PO and Purchasing Requistion

Demonstrating Receiving

  • Describing the Receiving Business Process
  • Identifying Receiving Setup Information
  • Understanding the Receiver Workbench
  • Defining Receipt Statuses
  • Creating a Receipt with a Purchase Order
  • Creating a Receipt Without a Purchase Order
  • Describing How Purchasing Receipts Interface with Other PeopleSoft Applications
  • Describing the Receipt Accrual Process

Demonstrating the Change Order and Delete Functionality

  • Describing Change Templates
  • Creating Change Orders for Purchase Orders
  • Viewing Purchase Order Change Order History
  • Describing the Change Order Request Process
  • Distinguishing Between Purchase Order Cancellations and Deletions
  • Deleting a Purchase Order
  • Describing Requisition Change Tracking
  • Describing Requisition Deletion

Configuring Additional Procurement Options

  • Describing Distribution Networks
  • Setting Up Miscellaneous Charges/Landed Cost Templates
  • Combining Miscellaneous Charges with Items on Purchase Orders

Setting Up Core Tables

  • Setting Installation Options
  • Establishing User Preferences
  • Defining ChartFields
  • Securing ChartFields
  • Creating Locations
  • Setting Up Sales and Use Tax Defaults and Options

Setting Up PeopleSoft Payables Business Units

  • Identifying PeopleSoft General Ledger Business Units
  • Creating a PeopleSoft Payables Definition
  • Modifying PeopleSoft Payables Options
  • Utilizing TableSets

Defining Banks

  • Identifying Common Banking Terms
  • Identifying the Basic Steps of Bank Setup
  • Defining Banks
  • Setting up Bank Branches
  • Defining External Accounts

Setting up Payment Data

  • Entering Payment Terms
  • Setting up Additional Payment Data
  • Defining Bank Replacement Rules

Adding Suppliers

  • Explaining Suppliers
  • Establishing Supplier Information
  • Adding Suppliers
  • Explaining Supplier Conversations

Approving, Updating, and Inactivating Suppliers

  • Approving Suppliers
  • Updating and Reviewing Supplier Name History
  • Defining Supplier Audit
  • Inactivating Suppliers
  • Using the Supplier Administration Center

Processing Supplier Onboarding

  • Configuring Supplier Registration
  • Registering, Managing, and Approving Suppliers
  • Registering Online
  • Managing Invitations
  • Managing Approvals
  • Reviewing Registration History

Defining Miscellaneous Data

  • Entering Miscellaneous Data
  • Setting up On-Demand Processing

Creating Vouchers

  • Identifying Voucher Basics
  • Identifying Voucher Types
  • Creating Quick Invoice Entries
  • Uploading Vouchers Manually
  • Related Procurement Documents
  • Personalizing Inquiries

Creating Payment Requests

  • Explaining Payment Request
  • Setting Up the Payment Request Template
  • Using the Payment Request Center

Processing Vouchers

  • Creating Accounting Entry Templates
  • Posting, Closing, Unposting, and Deleting Vouchers
  • Correcting Voucher Errors
  • Approving Vouchers
  • Viewing Open Liabilities

Creating Payment Requests

  • Explaining Payment Request
  • Setting Up the Payment Request Template
  • Using the Payment Request Center

Processing Vouchers

  • Creating Accounting Entry Templates
  • Posting, Closing, Unposting, and Deleting Vouchers
  • Correcting Voucher Errors
  • Approving Vouchers
  • Viewing Open Liabilities
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