Oracle HCM Cloud: Importing Data

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Tuition (USD):
$1,760.00 • Virtual (2 days)
$1,860.00 • Classroom (2 days)
$1,541.56 • Virtual (2 days)
$1,541.56 • Classroom (2 days)

This Oracle HCM Cloud: Importing Data training helps you develop an understanding of the HCM Data Loader functionality and the business objects and file formats it uses. Explore various kinds of data you can load using HCM Data Loader, while learning the import and load data process; review and edit errors through a combination of interactive lessons and hands-on activities.

Learn To:

  • Describe the key features and benefits of HCM Data Loader.
  • load supervisors and update existing workers.
  • Cancel or terminate a work relationship.
  • Run the post-load processes.
  • Describe the Oracle HCM Cloud business object shape and business object hierarchy.
  • Describe the HCM Data Loader .dat file format.
  • Generate HCM Data Loader template file.
  • Use source keys, user keys, surrogate IDs, and GUIDs.
  • Load attachments and images, translated data, and flexfield data.

Benefits to You

By taking this course, you will develop a better understanding of the key concepts of HCM Data Loader. You can efficiently load various kinds of data in bulk. You'll also walk away with the knowledge and skills to load worker records and identify the mandatory components you need to supply to load new workers.

Please Note

This course is relevant for customers using Fusion Applications through Release 11.1.11. It's beneficial for both Oracle Cloud and on-premises deployments.

Note:This course includes a preview of Release 12 new features

Skills Gained

  • Set the HCM Data Loader configuration parameters
  • create a basic dat file
  • Load numeric values, dates, and times
  • Load lookup-validated attributes
  • Supply date-effective history
  • Set not null values to null
  • Describe the HCM Data Loader automation process
  • Load worker records
  • Load supervisors and update existing workers
  • Load user updates
  • Cancel or terminate a work relationship
  • Correct or reverse a termination
  • Run the post-load processes

Who Can Benefit

  • Functional Implementer
  • Implementation Consultant

Course Details

Import and Export Data Overview

  • Ways in which Oracle HCM Cloud Supports Data Import
  • Basic Features of HCM Data Loader
  • HCM Data Loader Restrictions
  • Basic Features of HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader
  • Import Data Using Specialized Data Loaders
  • Selecting the Appropriate Data-import Mechanism

HCM Data Loader Overview

  • Key Features of HCM Data Loader
  • Importing and Loading Data Using HCM Data Loader
  • Identifying and Correcting Errors by Using HCM Data Loader
  • Data Set Summary and Data Set Status
  • Benefits of Using HCM Data Loader

HCM Data Loader Business Objects and File Formats

  • Oracle HCM Cloud Business Object Shape
  • Business Object Hierarchy
  • HCM Data Loader Dat File Format
  • Creating a Basic Dat File
  • Generating HCM Data Loader Template Files

HCM Data Loader: Data Considerations

  • Loading Numeric Values, Dates, and Times
  • Loading Lookup-Validated Attributes
  • Supplying Source Keys, User Keys, Surrogate IDs, and GUIDs
  • Supplying Date-Effective History
  • Setting Not Null Values to Null
  • Loading Attachments and Images
  • Loading Translated Data
  • Loading Flexfield Data

Loading and Monitoring Data Using HCM Data Loader

  • Setting the HCM Data Loader Configuration Parameters
  • Initiating Data Load
  • Monitoring the Progress of the Loaded Data
  • Managing Errors
  • HCM Data Loader Automation Process

Loading Workers

  • Creating User Accounts
  • Loading Worker Records
  • Supplying Mandatory Components Required to Load a New Worker
  • Loading Supervisors and Updating Existing Workers
  • Canceling or Terminating a Work Relationship
  • Correcting or Reversing a Termination
  • Running the Post-Load Processes
  • Loading User Updates
Course Details
Tuition (USD):
$1,760.00 • Virtual (2 days)
$1,860.00 • Classroom (2 days)
$1,541.56 • Virtual (2 days)
$1,541.56 • Classroom (2 days)