PeopleSoft HCM Security Overview (Training On Demand)

Course Details
Tuition (USD):
$815.00 $774.25 • Self Paced
$697.98 • Self Paced (8 hours)

This PeopleSoft HCM Security Overview training will teach you basics of application security and reporting security. It focuses on setting up and maintaining data permission security using the many available options.

Learn To:

  • Describe the four security layers of the PeopleSoft system.
  • Set up and use application security.
  • Work with HRMS Data Security.
  • Implement HRMS data security.
  • Assign data permission.
  • Maintain data permission.
  • Set up security for group build and global functionality.
  • Set up reporting security.

Benefits to You

Better understand the basics of PeopleSoft security and how it's used in PeopleSoft HCM to provide proper access control to your organization’s information. Get introduced to all major concepts included in PeopleSoft security. For more details about some of the topics that are discussed in this class, like how to implement LDAP and other security components, please refer to the PeopleSoft Security course.

  • Course materials are appropriate for any customer using Release 9.x PeopleSoft Applications.
  • If a customer has already taken the Release 9.1 course, retake is not necessary.

Skills Gained

  • Create roles
  • Create permission lists
  • Create user profiles
  • Enter transaction and user security data
  • Set up data permission by security tree
  • Set up data permission by role
  • Manage data permission for recruiting
  • Create data permission for managers
  • Manage group security
  • Assign global security
  • Explain reporting security

Who Can Benefit

  • Administrator
  • Application Developers
  • Security Administrators
  • System Analysts

Course Details

Setting Up and Using Application Security

  • Explaining How Security Access Is Assigned to System Users
  • Using Permission Lists to Grant Security Access
  • Using Roles to Grant Security Access
  • Using User Profiles
  • Creating and Locking User Profiles by Groups

Working with HRMS Data Security

  • Describing HRMS Data
  • Describing Security Data
  • Describing Transaction Security Data
  • Entering Transaction Security Data
  • Entering User Security Data
  • Describing Security Join Tables
  • Describing the Data Permission Security Setup Process

Implementing HRMS Data Security

  • Describing the Data Permission Security Implementation Process
  • Selecting Data Permission Security Installation Settings
  • Reviewing Security Sets
  • Enabling Security Access Types

Assigning Data Permission

  • Describing the Assign Data Permission Process
  • Describing Row Security Permission Lists and Role-Based Permission Lists
  • Setting Up Data Permission by Department Security Tree
  • Assigning Tree-Based Data Permission to Row Security Permission Lists
  • Assigning Row Security Permission Lists to Users
  • Setting Up Data Permission by Role
  • Assigning Role-Based Permission Lists to Users

Maintaining Data Permission

  • Refreshing the User Security Join Tables
  • Refreshing the Transaction Security Join Tables
  • Creating Data Permission for Managers
  • Managing Data Permission for Recruiting

Setting Up Security for Group Build and Global Functionality

  • Managing Group Security
  • Assigning Global Security

Setting Up Reporting Security

  • Describing Query Security
  • Defining Query Access Groups
  • Explaining Query Data Permission
Course Details
Tuition (USD):
$815.00 $774.25 • Self Paced
$697.98 • Self Paced (8 hours)