PeopleSoft Year-End Payroll - U.S. (Training On Demand)

Course Details
Tuition (USD):
$815.00 $774.25 • Self Paced
$697.98 • Self Paced (8 hours)

This PeopleSoft Year-End Payroll - U.S. training walks you through the steps necessary to complete U.S. year-end processing and reporting using PeopleSoft Payroll for North America. Expert Oracle University instructors will help you develop an understanding of adjustments, balances, year-end processing, common pitfalls and errors, and balancing reports.

Note: This course is not release specific. This course is taught using a PeopleSoft 9.1 environment but is intended for organizations using PeopleSoft releases 8.81 or higher. In class, the instructor will point students to the current year's tax updates as needed.

Learn To:

  • Update tax reporting setup tables.
  • Load each employee's year-end data into a single year-end record for processing and reporting.
  • Update and correct employee records, tax balances, and other data as necessary.
  • Prepare W-2 forms.
  • Process W-2c and 1099-R forms.
  • Report periodic retirement distributions and related tax withholding amounts on form 1099-R.

Benefits to You

By investing in this course, you'll also learn how to generate final print and online W-2 forms while preparing the electronic file for the SSA. You'll learn how to enter corrected W-2 information and print a W-2c form as well.

Skills Gained

  • Process W-2c forms
  • Process 1099-Rs
  • Adjust employee tax balances
  • Finalize W-2s
  • Update W-2 tax reporting setup tables
  • Update employee records
  • Process W-2 data

Who Can Benefit

  • Business Analysts
  • End Users
  • Functional Implementer


  • Working knowledge of PeopleSoft Payroll for North America
  • Understanding of your company's year end payroll processing

Course Details

Updating W-2 Tax Reporting Setup Tables

  • Updating the Company Table
  • Updating W-2 Company Data
  • Updating Tax Form Definitions
  • Updating Tax Form Print Parameters
  • Updating Tax Reporting Parameters
  • Identifying Tax Localities

Updating Employee Records

  • Adjusting Income Using Manual Checks
  • Describing Imputed Income Calculations and Adjustments

Processing W-2 Data

  • Setting Up Retirement Plan and Third-Party and Sick Pay Indicators
  • Identifying and Correcting Errors
  • Loading Year-End Records
  • Reconciling and Correcting Year-End Records

Adjusting Employee Tax Balances

  • Adjusting Tax Balances Online
  • Viewing Balance Adjustments

Finalizing W-2s

  • Correcting W-2 Information Online
  • Describing W-2 Filing
  • Printing W-2s
  • Producing Online W-2 Forms in PDF Format

Meeting Other Year-End Reporting Requirements

  • Processing W-2c Forms
  • Describing 1099-R Reporting
  • (EG) Describing Form 1042-S Reporting
Course Details
Tuition (USD):
$815.00 $774.25 • Self Paced
$697.98 • Self Paced (8 hours)