PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions Rel. 9.1

Course Details
Tuition (USD):
$3,600.00 • Classroom (4 days)
$2,877.58 • Classroom (4 days)

The PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions course covers the implementation and usage of PeopleSoft Enterprise Recruiting Solutions. You will learn to set up set up recruiting tables, define processing rules, and create templates that govern various aspects of your recruiting process. You will also gain a high-level understanding of recruiting security and integration with third-party vendors.

In this course, you will use PeopleSoft Enterprise Talent Acquisition Manager to manage the recruiting process. Learn to create, manage, and post job openings. Learn to enter applicant data, to screen, route, and interview applicants, to create offers, and to hire successful applicants. Learn to administer employee referral programs. Become familiar with the Candidate Gateway features, and learn to work with the text catalog to modify applicant-facing pages.

Learn To:
  • Create templates that govern your recruiting process
  • Create, manage, and post job openings
  • Create applicant data and manage applicants
  • Screen, route, and interview applicants, make offers, and hire successful applicants
  • Use and configure Candidate Gateway
  • Set up recruiting tables and define processing rules

Skills Gained

  • Describe PeopleSoft Enterprise Recruiting Solutions
  • Set up Recruiting Solutions
  • Describe the open integration framework
  • Manage job openings
  • Manage applicants
  • Screen and route applicants
  • Interview applicants
  • Make offers
  • Hire applicants
  • Administer referral programs
  • Use PeopleSoft Enterprise Candidate Gateway

Who Can Benefit

  • Business Analysts
  • Functional Implementer
  • Project Manager
  • Technical Administrator
  • Technical Consultant


  • Introduction to PeopleSoft for HRMS Rel 9.1
  • PeopleSoft Human Resources Rel 9.1.
  • Familiarity with PeopleSoft Human Resources: Manage Profiles

Course Details

Business Process Overview

Setting Up Recruiting Solutions

Setting Up Recruitment Templates

Using the Open Integration Framework

Setting Up Definitions for Job Openings

Creating Job Openings

Managing Job Openings

Managing Job Postings

Entering Applicant Data

Searching for Applicants

Managing Applicants

Screening and Routing Applicants

Interviewing Applicants

Making Offers

Hiring Applicants

Administering Employee Referral Programs and Hot Jobs

Using Candidate Gateway

Course Details
Tuition (USD):
$3,600.00 • Classroom (4 days)
$2,877.58 • Classroom (4 days)