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Financial Aid Advanced Packaging Rel 9

Course Details
Code: D59543GC20
Tuition (USD): $2,772.00 • Virtual (3 days)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $2,196.73 • Virtual (3 days)

This three-day course provides an in-depth look at how to package financial aid for students. The course reviews the basics of awarding as well as advanced “how to” topics such as multi-career packaging, Mass Packaging using Population Selection, using disbursement protection, and using education resources. Participants will also learn how to repackage financial aid and manage external awards.

The course also discusses in detail repackaging topics such as repackaging rules, repackaging plans, online packaging and batch repackaging.

Finally, participants will learn about the concepts related to External Awards, including types of external Awards, learn how to define cross-reference, use file-mapping definition, manually add external awards, and process Student Financial payments as External Awards.

Learn To:
  • Perform Mass Packaging
  • Perform Multi-career Packaging
  • Perform Batch Repackaging
  • Perform Online Repackaging
  • Manage External Awards
  • Package financial aid for students

A Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.

Skills Gained

  • Setting Up a Repackaging Plan
  • Combining Multiple Rules
  • Performing Batch Repackaging
  • Mapping External Award Attributes to Financial Aid Item Types
  • Manually Adding External Award Data
  • Managing Self-Reported External Awards
  • Setting Up Aggregate Aid
  • Performing Online Packaging
  • Explaining Which Aid Processing Defaults Settings Affect Packaging
  • Demonstrating How to Revise an Award Package
  • Awarding Loans
  • Using Disbursement Protection
  • Performing Multicareer Packaging
  • Writing an Equation for Packaging
  • Writing a PS Query for Mass Packaging
  • Performing Mass Packaging

Course Details

Performing Awarding in Special Situations

  • Demonstrating How to Revise an Award Package
  • Awarding Loans
  • Using Disbursement Protection
  • Creating a Single-Term Award
  • Performing Multicareer Packaging
  • Explaining How Veteran Education Benefits Are Processed
  • Activity 1: Packaging a Student for a Single Term

Setting Up Packaging Plans

  • Explaining How to Approach Packaging
  • Using Packaging Plans
  • Activity 4: Creating Packaging Plans
  • Creating Groups of Financial Aid Item Types for Awarding Purposes
  • Setting Up GAP Item Types
  • Activity 5: Adding Packaging Plan Complexity

Using Equations in Packaging

  • Describing the New Equation Engine Usage in 9.0
  • Describing the Population Selection Tools Used for Packaging
  • Describing the New Equation Keywords in 9.0
  • Understanding Packaging Equations and Population Selection Equations
  • Understanding How Equation Engine Is Used for Packaging
  • Setting Up Population Selection
  • Writing an Equation for Packaging
  • Activity 2: Writing an Equation for Mass Packaging

Using PS Query in Packaging

  • Understanding How PS Query is Used in Mass Packaging
  • Describing the PS Query Setup for Mass Packaging
  • Writing a PS Query for Mass Packaging
  • Activity 3: Writing a PS Query for Mass Packaging Population Selection

Creating a Mass Packaging Solution to Support Your Institution's Packaging Philosophy

  • Describing an Overall Approach to Translating Your Packaging Philosophy
  • Dividing Students by Academic Career
  • Determining How Many Packaging Plans to Use
  • Listing the Financial Aid Item Types Used for Each Plan
  • Determining Any Special Situations for Each Financial Aid Item Type
  • Activity 6: Creating Mass Packaging Solutions
  • Analyzing Processing Time and Packaging Plan Management

Performing Mass Packaging

  • Selecting Students for Mass Packaging
  • Reviewing Students Selected for Mass Packaging
  • Assigning Packaging Plans to Selected Students
  • Reviewing Mass Packaging Plans Assigned by Query
  • Reviewing Mass Packaging Result by Plan
  • Packaging a Group of Students
  • Reviewing Mass Packaging Summary
  • Reviewing Eligibility and Need After Packaging

Describing Repackaging Plans and Repackaging Rules

  • Setting Up a Repackaging Plan
  • Defining Repackaging Rule Attributes
  • Activity 7: Creating a Repackaging Plan
  • Combining Multiple Rules
  • Activity 8: Creating a Single Repackaging Plan that Contains Multiple Repackaging Rules

Performing Online Repackaging

  • Repackaging an Individual Student
  • Understanding Auto and Auto Select Repackaging
  • Repackaging Students with Multiple Careers

Performing Batch Repackaging

  • Describing the Repackaging Process
  • Selecting Students for Repackaging
  • Reviewing Students Selected for Batch Processing
  • Assigning Repackaging Plans to Selected Students
  • Reviewing Repackaging Plans Assigned by Query
  • Reviewing Repackaging Plans by Student
  • Repackaging Groups of Students
  • Reviewing Batch Repackaging Summary

Setting Up External Award Processing

  • Defining External Award Types
  • Defining External Award Sources
  • Mapping External Award Attributes to Financial Aid Item Types
  • Defining Search and Match Criteria

Manually Adding External Award Data

  • Adding External Awards by Type
  • Adding Award Disbursement Details
  • Adding External Awards by Student

Managing Existing External Award Transactions

  • Understanding the Purpose of Managing External Award Data
  • Understanding External Awards Processing Statuses
  • Understanding External Awards by Reporting Codes
  • Viewing and Loading Student External Award Data
  • Viewing Award Summary

Creating a File Mapping Definition to Load External Award Data Files

  • Planning for File Parser and External Award Processing
  • Using the Context Definition
  • Using the File Mapping Definition
  • Reviewing the External Award Staging Tables
  • Creating a File Mapping Definition
  • Loading an External Award Data File
  • Loading External Award Data from a Data File
  • Activity 9: Setting Up Context Definition and File Mapping

Processing Student Financial Payments

  • Understanding the Process Flow of Student Financials Transactions as FA External Awards
  • Understanding the Mapping Between Student Financial Item Types and Financial Aid Item Type
  • Running the SF External Award Process
  • Loading Student Financials Payments into External Award Staging Table

Managing Self-Service Transactions

  • Setting Up Self-Service Reporting
  • Managing Self-Reported External Awards
  • Using Administrative Self-Service Pages
  • Running the External Award Load Process
  • Creating Student Permission Forms
  • Assigning Student Permission Forms to a Student
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