Introduction to PS for Campus Solutions

Course Details
Tuition (USD):
$930.00 • Classroom (1 day)
$770.78 • Classroom (1 day)

This one-day course is the prerequisite course for all PeopleSoft Campus Solutions application classes, although versions of this course for other product lines are acceptable substitutes. In this course, participants learn central concepts of PeopleSoft applications. These concepts include practical skills such as navigation and personalization, and conceptual background information such as the use of control tables to enforce business rules. The course content and structure are similar to the Introduction for PeopleSoft courses for other product lines, but with an emphasis on how the common concepts are expressed in the Campus Solutions system.

Learn To:
  • Navigate through the PeopleSoft Enterprise system
  • Understand relational database tables
  • Use Process Scheduler to run processes and reports
  • To use Campus Solutions service indicators
  • Use online PeopleBooks
  • Understand effective date functionality

Skills Gained

  • Describe the Campus Solutions business processes and applications
  • Navigate through the PeopleSoft Enterprise system
  • Manipulate data in pages
  • Manage data in relational database tables
  • Run processes and reports
  • Use Campus Solutions service indicators
  • Describe Campus Solutions academic structure

Who Can Benefit

  • End Users
  • Functional Implementer


  • Familiarity with Windows and browsers

Course Details

Understanding PeopleSoft Enterprise Architecture and Security

Navigating Through the PeopleSoft Enterprise System

  • Signing Onto the PeopleSoft System
  • Navigating Through the System
  • Maximizing Navigational Efficiency

Understanding Relational Database Tables

  • Understanding Tables
  • Understanding Installation Tables
  • Understanding Translate Tables
  • Understanding Transaction Tables, Control Tables, and Keys

Understanding Pages and Components

  • Using Search Pages
  • Understanding Elements of Components

Viewing and Updating Data

  • Using Grids
  • Understanding Effective Date Functionality
  • Understanding Modes of Action

Running Processes and Reports with PeopleSoft Process Scheduler

  • Describing PeopleSoft Process Scheduler
  • Running Processes and Reports

Using Online PeopleBooks

  • Using Online Help
  • Using the Enterprise PeopleBooks Online Library

Understanding Campus Solutions Service Indicators

  • Understanding Service Indicators
  • Defining Service Impacts
  • Defining Service Indicators
  • Securing Service Indicators
  • Assigning Service Indicators
  • Viewing Active Service Indicators
  • Removing Service Indicators
  • Auditing Service Indicators
Course Details
Tuition (USD):
$930.00 • Classroom (1 day)
$770.78 • Classroom (1 day)