S PeopleSoft Supply Chain Solutions New Features Ed 2 (Training On Demand)

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Tuition (USD):
$815.00 $774.25 • Self Paced

This S PeopleSoft Supply Chain Solutions New Features Ed 2 training gives you a high-level introduction to the major features and enhancements of PeopleSoft SCM through PeopleSoft Update Image 11. It provides information on which to base further learning when you return to your own business environment, or information that may be used for future reference.

Learn About Updates to:

  • PeopleSoft Inventory.
  • Item Change Template.
  • PeopleSoft Purchasing.
  • PeopleSoft Supplier.
  • PeopleSoft eProcurement.

Benefits to You

Learn valuable information about updates to PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management applications, from the general availability of release 9.2 through PeopleSoft Update Image 11.

Explore New Features

You will learn about key features in PeopleSoft SCM applications, including WorkCenters, Dashboards, Pivot Grids, Supplier Onboarding, Requisition Chunking, Item Substitutes, and more. Discover the new capabilities of PeopleSoft SCM, including Item Change Template and Supplier 360.

Optimize Your Understanding

Expert instructors use lively discussions and activities to demonstrate the PeopleSoft SCM new features that you use or may adopt for use in your business. Perform buyer mass change, display approver details in Workbench, register, manage, and approve Suppliers, use Requisition Chunking, modify filter values for the My Work pagelet in WorkCenters, and much more.

  • Course materials are appropriate for anyone using Release 9.0 or 9.1 PeopleSoft Applications, interested in an upgrade to 9.2.
  • If you've already taken the first Release 9.2 New Features course (D81183GC10), you can retake the new course to learn about the features and enhancements delivered in the PeopleSoft Update Images.

Skills Gained

  • Learn how the new features and enhancements address business needs
  • Identify the new functionality in PeopleSoft SCM through PeopleSoft Update Image 11

Who Can Benefit

  • End Users
  • Functional Implementer

Course Details

Course Overview

PeopleSoft Inventory: Functional Overview

  • Learn how the new features address business needs
  • Determine how to configure the new functionality
  • PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory Management
  • International Financial Reporting Standards Support

Item Change Template: Functional Overview

  • Item Change Template

PeopleSoft Purchasing New Features

  • WorkCenters and Pivot Grids
  • PO Close Short Workbench
  • Item Substitutes
  • Buyer Mass Change
  • New Split POs by Ship To
  • Expanded User-Definable Fields
  • PO and Requisition Advanced Search
  • Global Location Numbers (GLN)

PeopleSoft Supplier New Features

  • Supplier Onboarding and Enablement
  • Supplier Onboarding
  • Supplier Administrator WorkCenters and Pivot Grids
  • Supplier Administration Center
  • Enabled the TIN Matching Functionality by Withholding Entity
  • Supplier 360
  • Financial Audit Trail for Supplier
  • Supplier Hierarchy

PeopleSoft eProcurement New Features

  • Enhanced User Interface
  • Requisition Chunking
  • Item Substitutes
  • Miscellaneous Enhancements
  • Punchout Using Mobile
  • Fluid User Interface
  • Mobile Approvals

Appendix: PeopleTools Activities

  • Review PeopleSoft Online Help

Inventory Activities

  • User Configuration of SCM Supply and Demand Dashboard
  • SCM Supply and Demand WorkCenter and Dashboard
  • Inventory Functional Overview
  • Cost Accounting

Item Change Template Activities

  • Item Change Template

Purchasing Activities

  • Purchasing Buyer WorkCenter and Dashboard
  • Item Substitutes
  • Buyer Mass Change
  • Split POs by Ship To
  • User-Definable Fields
  • Requisition and Purchase Order Advanced Search
  • Turn On GLN (Global Location Number) Display on the Purchasing Business Unit
  • Define Purchase Order Autonumbering Options for a Purchasing Business Unit

Supplier Activities

  • Demo Supplier Administration

eProcurement Activities

  • Configuring Document Tolerance Checking
  • Enhanced User Interface Search Results Display Settings
  • Enhanced User Interface Navigation Template
  • Enhanced User Interface ePro Business Unit Options Special Request Defaults
  • eProcurement Requisition User Interface
  • Requisition Chunking
  • Item Substitutes
Course Details
Tuition (USD):
$815.00 $774.25 • Self Paced