Supplier Contract Management

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Tuition (USD):
$444.00 $421.80 • Self Paced
$380.25 • Self Paced

This course guides you through the features of Enterprise Supplier Contract Management 8.9 and assists you in setting up and installing critical components of the application. The course also helps you organize an electronic document repository. You will learn how to manage a contract library by creating library components, and then performing library tasks that bring the components together to create a contract document. After you create a document, the course provides you a high-level view of managing the document’s life cycle, such as approving and amending the document.

The course teaches you how to format content and to preview, check out, edit, and check in documents using a familiar word-processing program - Microsoft Word 2003. Also included in the course is an overview of setting up and using contract agreements. You will gain knowledge in attaching document clauses to specific contract agreements and in tracking and monitoring compliance to those agreements.

Learn To:
  • Organize a contract library
  • Create contract documents
  • Set up Supplier Contract Management
  • Edit documents
  • Manage a document's life cycle
  • Set up and manage contract agreements

Skills Gained

  • State Supplier Contract Management features
  • Set up Supplier Contract Management
  • Establish the contract library
  • Edit and preview documents using Microsoft Word
  • Manage document life cycles
  • Establish contract agreements

Who Can Benefit

  • End Users
  • Functional Implementer


  • PeopleSoft Enterprise Supplier Contract Management 8.9
  • Understanding of basic navigation and PeopleSoft concepts
  • Able to run processes and reports

Course Details

Business Process Overview

  • Stating Business Processes That Include PeopleSoft Supplier Contract Management
  • Describing PeopleSoft Supplier Contract Management Features and Functions
  • Stating Supplier Contract Management Integration Points
  • Describing Sources of Information About Supplier Contract Management in PeopleBooks

Supplier Contract Management Setup (Part 1)

  • Setting Up Components for Organizing and Grouping Document Elements
  • Describing the bind mapping process

Supplier Contract Management Setup (Part 2)

  • Defining Document Templates, Styles, and Formats
  • Setting Up Servers and Workstations
  • Setting Up Installation Options and User Preferences

Contract Library Elements (Part 1)

  • Identifying Document Elements
  • Establishing Binds
  • Creating Rules

Contract Library Elements (Part 2)

  • Identify Document Clauses
  • Constructing Document Sections
  • Creating Question Groups and Wizards

Contract Library Elements (Part 3)

  • Creating Document Configurators
  • Describing Verity Searches in the Contract Library

Contract Creation

  • Identifying Transactional Contract Information
  • Distinguishing Between Documents

Document Creation

  • Describing How to Generate Purchasing Contract Documents
  • Refreshing Documents
  • Regenerating Documents

Document Life-Cycle Management (Part 1)

  • Identifying Life-Cycle Features
  • Adding attachments to documents
  • Describing How to Send, Dispatch, and Collaborate on Documents

Document Life-Cycle Management (Part 2)

  • Viewing and editing documents
  • Approving Documents
  • Distinguishing Other Document Life-Cycle Tasks
  • Describing Document Amendments

Contract Agreements (Part 1)

  • Explaining Setting up Predefined Agreements
  • Using Agreements

Contract Agreements (Part 2)

  • Verifying Agreements
  • Assigning Agreement Workflow Notifications
  • Describing Agreement Monitoring
Course Details
Tuition (USD):
$444.00 $421.80 • Self Paced
$380.25 • Self Paced