PeopleSoft Applications Portal Rel 9.1 Accelerated

Course Details
Tuition (USD):
$2,700.00 • Classroom (2 days)

This course will teach you about the PeopleSoft Application Portal. It's an ideal solution for customers wishing to deploy an unlimited number of communities across the enterprise that focus on PeopleSoft application business processes.

Learn To:

  • Work with Application Portal Features.
  • Understand and use Context Manager.
  • Work with Collaborative Workspaces.
  • Navigate and use the Content Management System.
  • Work with Categorized Content.
  • Use News Publications.

PeopleSoft Application Portal 9.1 Features

PeopleSoft Application Portal 9.1 contains a rich set of Web 2.0 features. These include collaborative workspaces and related content services that can be keyed to PeopleSoft application transactions. This feature allows for contextually relevant collaboration.

Skills Gained

  • Work with Portal Features
  • Use Context Manager
  • Work with Collaborative Workspaces
  • Use the Content Management System
  • Work with Categorized Content
  • Use News Publications

Who Can Benefit

  • Application Developers
  • End Users
  • Portal Developer


  • Knowledge on PeopleTools Architecture
  • Knowledge on Integration Broker

Course Details

Administering Portal

  • Configuring PeopleSoft Applications Portal
  • Using PeopleSoft Applications Portal Search
  • Configuring Feed Publishing Framework

Getting Started with Portal Features

  • Describing Your Portal Home Page
  • Performing Searches
  • Using My Links

Working with Portal Features

  • Working with Action Items
  • Working with Blogs
  • Working with Community Calendars
  • Working with Discussion Forums
  • Working with Feeds
  • Working with Tags

Using Context Manager

  • Setting Up Context Manager
  • Working with Context Manager Pagelets

Understanding Collaborative Workspaces

  • Administering Collaborative Workspaces
  • Using Collaborative Workspaces

Working with Collaborative Workspace Modules

  • Using the Wiki Content Module
  • Using the Discussion Module
  • Using the Documents Module
  • Using the Links Module
  • Using the Action Item Lists Module
  • Using the Calendar Module
  • Using the Members Module
  • Using the Polls Module

Using the Content Management System

  • Administering the Content Management System
  • Accessing Content

Working with Managed Content

  • Describing Managed Content

Working with the Categorized Content Feature

  • Working with Categorized Content
  • Running the Content Categorization Spider

Using News Publications

  • Describing News Publications
  • Working with News Publications

Publishing Content Folders

  • Describing the Process of Publishing Folders
Course Details
Tuition (USD):
$2,700.00 • Classroom (2 days)