PeopleSoft PeopleTools Delta Rel 8.54

Course Details
Tuition (USD):
$900.00 • Classroom (1 day)

This PeopleSoft PeopleTools Delta Rel 8.54 training introduces you to the new PeopleSoft development paradigm for the Fluid User Interface, as well as portal technologies introduced in PeopleTools releases 8.51 through 8.54. Portal technologies covered include Workcenters, Dashboards and transforming pagelet appearance using XSL templates.

Learn To:

  • Understand the PeopleSoft Fluid technology.
  • Use PeopleSoft Fluid technology.
  • Use and configure workcenters.
  • Use and configure dashboards.
  • Transform pagelet appearance with XSL templates.

Benefits to You

By taking this course, you'll become deeply familiar with how to leverage the PeopleSoft PeopleTools solution to help your business. Get hands-on experience that helps you in your every day job.

Skills Gained

  • Incorporate Dashboards and WorkCenters in your applications
  • Transform pagelet appearance with XSL templates
  • Describe characteristics of a fluid application
  • Identify and use the elements of fluid applications
  • Design, create, and deploy basic fluid pages

Who Can Benefit

  • Application Developers
  • Developer
  • Portal Developer
  • System Analysts

Course Details

Configuring Workcenters and Dashboards

  • Describing Dashboard Pages
  • Creating and Configuring Dashboard Pages
  • Describing WorkCenter Pages
  • Describing the Development Process for WorkCenter Pages
  • Managing WorkCenter Page Configurations
  • Describing Activity Guides

Transforming Pagelet Appearance with XSL Templates

  • Describing XSL Templates

Fluid Technology Overview

  • Describing the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture
  • Creating the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface
  • Recognizing the Demand for Responsive Applications
  • Identifying the Characteristics of a Fluid Application

Working with Elements of a Fluid Application

  • Enabling Fluid Mode
  • Working with the Fluid Banner
  • Working with Fluid Homepages

Creating Basic Fluid Pages

  • Creating Fluid Page Definitions
  • Using Group Boxes to Create Page Element Containers
  • Identifying Fluid Properties for Pages and Group Boxes

Working with Fluid Components

  • Describing Fluid Components
  • Registering Fluid Components
  • Setting Content Reference Attributes for Fluid Components

Testing Fluid Pages

  • Identifying Supported Browsers and Devices for Fluid Pages
  • Verifying Layout Group Box Contents
  • Setting Signon Trace Flags for Fluid Pages
Course Details
Tuition (USD):
$900.00 • Classroom (1 day)