PeopleSoft Security Rel 8.53 (Training On Demand)

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$3,260.00 $3,097.00 • Self Paced
$2,791.94 • Self Paced (4 days)
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PeopleSoft Security Rel 8.53 (PPL-SEC-8-53)

This PeopleSoft Security Rel 8.53 training teaches you to design and implemention of PeopleTools security. Learn the steps needed to effectively organize, implement, administer and evaluate PeopleSoft security.

Learn To:

  • Secure PeopleSoft applications by creating permission lists, roles and user profiles.
  • Control access and authorization to client-based and browser-based PeopleTools.
  • Monitor database tables using three types of auditing.
  • Use PeopleSoft Encryption Technology to control data privacy, integrity and authentication.
  • Import digital certificates into database and Java keystores.
  • Secure queries, batch processes, and reports.
  • Maintain portal registry security.
  • Configure single sign-on among PeopleSoft applications.
  • Configure PeopleSoft applications to use directory servers to authenticate PeopleSoft users.

Benefits to You

Better understand PeopleSoft security tools and technologies to manage and maintain your security infrastructure. Hands-on classroom activities let you use and become familiar with the security tools and technologies, and help you begin to evaluate how to use them in your organization.

Note: This course does not cover application-specific security such as HR, Financials, and EPM-specific data permissions or row-level security.

Skills Gained

  • Implement application and PeopleTools security.
  • Implement security for batch processing and reporting.
  • Administer portal and signon security.
  • Maintain security definitions among multiple databases.
  • Administer PeopleSoft security by using a directory.
  • Describe security design and administration in PeopleSoft Internet Architecture

Who Can Benefit

  • Security Administrators
  • Technical Administrator
  • Technical Consultant


  • Working knowledge of PeopleSoft Architecture.
  • Experience with the Eight Steps of Application Development.
  • Understanding of basic navigation and PeopleSoft concepts.
  • Understanding of your company's security requirements.

Course Details

Describing Information Security

  • Discussing Information Security
  • Listing Security Levels
  • Designing and Implementing PeopleSoft Security

Working with Permission Lists

  • Describing Application Security
  • Creating Permission Lists
  • Copying Permission Lists
  • Deleting Permission Lists

Working with Roles

  • Creating Roles
  • Copying Roles
  • Deleting Roles

Working with User Profiles

  • Creating User Profiles
  • Copying User Profiles

Managing Advanced Application Security

  • Defining User Profile Types
  • Deleting User Profile Data
  • Configuring Distributed User Profile Assignment
  • Configuring Dynamic Role Assignment

Auditing Security Tables

  • Configuring Field Audits
  • Configuring Record Audits
  • Configuring Database-Level Audits

Managing PeopleTools Security

  • Securing Client-Based PeopleTools
  • Managing Definition Security
  • Implementing Change Control

Encrypting Data

  • Describing Data Encryption
  • Describing Pluggable Cryptography
  • Viewing Algorithm Chains and Key-sets
  • Defining Encryption Profiles
  • Attaching Encryption PeopleCode

Using Digital Certificates

  • Describing Public Key Infrastructure
  • Describing Digital Certificates
  • Obtaining Digital Certificates
  • Importing Digital Certificates
  • Requesting and Importing Digital Certificates into the Database Keystore
  • Requesting and Importing Digital Certificates into the Java Keystore

Securing Processes

  • Describing Process Security
  • Granting Access to Components
  • Securing Process Definitions
  • Securing Process Groups
  • Configuring Process Profile Permissions
  • Using Reporting Console

Administering Query Security

  • Creating Query Profiles
  • Creating Query Access Groups
  • Implementing Query Row-Level Security

Maintaining Portal Registry Security

  • Describing Portal Registry Security
  • Working with Portal Registry Security
  • Viewing Security Details

Administering Sign-on Security

  • Describing PeopleSoft Authorization IDs
  • Explaining the Sign-on Process
  • Configuring Password Controls
  • Setting Up Expired Password Controls
  • Setting Up Forgotten Password Options

Configuring Single Signon

  • Describing Single Signon
  • Defining Nodes for Single Signon
  • Configuring Trusted Nodes

Maintaining security definitions among multiple database

  • Transferring security definitions between databases
  • Synchronizing user profile data among databases
  • Configuring user profile synchronization.
  • Implementing configurable user profile synchronization.

Configuring PeopleSoft Applications for Directory Authentication

  • Describing Directories
  • Explaining Directory Authentication
  • Configuring Directory Authentication
  • Assigning PeopleSoft Roles Using Directory Groups

Course Review

  • Describing Security Design and Administration in PeopleSoft Internet Architecture.
  • Implementing Application and PeopleTools Security
  • Implementing Security for Batch Processing and Reporting
  • Administering Portal and Signon Security
  • Administering PeopleSoft Security by Using a Directory
Course Details
Tuition (USD):
$3,260.00 $3,097.00 • Self Paced
$2,791.94 • Self Paced (4 days)