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Fundamentals of Storage Area Networks

Course Details
Code: CDNWS-2030
Tuition (USD): $355.00 $337.25 • Self Paced
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Course Details
GSA (USD): $304.03 • Self Paced

The Fundamentals of Storage Area Networks course provides students with the foundational knowledge necessary to perform essential job responsibilities in a Storage Area Network (SAN) environment. Students learn the architecture and components of a SAN and the technological underpinnings that make SANs work. Students apply these concepts in a series of on-line design activities that employ techniques such as zoning to practice the consolidation of large amounts of data in a secure and highly available environment.

Students who can benefit from this course:
  • Storage Administrators responsible for designing, implementing, or managing storage in a SAN

Skills Gained

  • Differentiate among storage models
  • and describe the benefits of SANs
  • Identify components of a SAN and their roles
  • Differentiate among SAN topologies
  • Identify how to implement security measures in a SAN using zoning
  • Logical Unit Number (LUN) masking
  • and virtualization
  • Define SAN management issues and requirements
  • Define Fibre Channel (FC) protocol and how it is implemented in storage models


  • Describe storage systems, such as storage arrays, and define the specific technologies associated with arrays
  • Define and differentiate between the types of network storage configurations and the types of logical storage configurations
  • Define data services and their application to storage
  • Define storage management software and its application to storage

Course Details

Introduction to Storage Area Networks

Storage Area Network Components

Storage Area Network Topology and Design

Storage Area Network Security

Storage Area Network Management

Fibre Channel Architecture