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StorageTek Enterprise Library (ELS) SMC and HSC

Course Details
Code: D68498GC10
Tuition (USD): $4,620.00 • Classroom (4 days)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $3,665.49 • Classroom (4 days)

This course provides the information required by the Storage Administrator to manage the SL8500 and SL3000 tape libraries using the using the Sun StorageTek Enterprise Library Software (ELS) - SMC (Storage Management Component) and HSC (Host Software Component). This primary focus of this course is on the architecture, administration and management of the physical tape libraries.

Learn to:
  • Code, assemble, link-edit LIBGEN assembler macros
  • Perform sizing, backups and reconfiguring of the CDS
  • Code the new method for defining volume characteristics and pool definitions
  • Execute common HSC commands and utilities
  • Customize the HSC started stack and PARMLIB control statements
  • Code required SMC commands for ELS SMC feature

Skills Gained

  • Gain a basic understanding of optional ELS features that are available.
  • Learn basic administration and management of physical tape libraries (e.g. SL8500 and SL3000) using Sun StorageTek Enterprise Library Software (ELS) - SMC (Storage Management Comp
  • Master ACS (Automated Cartridge Systems) real tape library and VSM (Virtual Storage Manager) virtual tape library concepts.


  • Knowledge of StorageTek physical and virtual tape libraries
  • Proficiency in basic mainframe skils: JCL, ISPF

Course Details

ELS Software Overview

SL8500 Hardware Architecture

SL3000 Hardware Architecture



Starting HSC (CONFIG-HSC Startup)

Backing up, Sizing, Reconfig and Merging the CDS (CONFIG-CDS)

HSC Commands and Utilities

SMC Started Task and SMC Commands

SMC Management Policies

SMC Client Server Feature