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EUE-MF SteelCentral Aternity Monitors Developer

Course Details
Code: EUE-MF
Tuition (USD): $5,000.00 • Classroom (5 days)

This five-day class covers the complete SteelCentral Aternity Monitors Developer learning path, which helps Riverbed customers and partners administer, develop, and troubleshoot managed applications and custom activities for all application and device types, on SteelCentral Aternity SaaS and on premise deployments.

Who Can Benefit

This course is specifically designed for technical engineers who will be creating and maintaining Aternity activities and monitors. Typical participants should have an XML and scripting background, as well as core understanding of interactions between applications and underlying system, browser and network elements.

Course Details

Aternity Primer

  • Understand basic platform value, concepts, and usage.

Monitoring Configuration Foundations

  • Understand the value of monitoring core administration of managed applications, and web page
  • monitoring configuration

Activity Signatures Foundations

  • Understand the Agent deployment process, and monitor development concepts and processes.

Activity Development Essentials

  • Understand the functionality and usage of the activity development tools.

Web and Java Activities Essentials

  • Develop custom monitors for web and Java applications that leverage web monitoring and HTML, HTTP, and Java events.

WinUI and UX Activities Essentials

  • Develop custom monitors for various applications that leverage WinUI, UX, and Network events

Monitoring Management and Practices Essentials

  • Perform practical monitoring tasks such as monitor uploads, Agent control and troubleshooting, and activity troubleshooting best practices.

Device and Mobile Monitors Essentials

  • Develop custom device monitors and mobile monitors leveraging mobile SDK events

Advanced Activity Signatures I

  • Develop complex signatures through direct ADL authoring and leveraging ADL techniques

Advanced Activity Signatures II

  • Develop highly complex signatures using direct ADL and advanced techniques

Advanced Monitors Development Experiences

  • Understand complex real-world considerations affecting practical monitor development in challenging scenarios