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HTTP/2 Foundation

Course Details
Code: CN1-HTTP2-F
Tuition (USD): $1,600.00 • Classroom (2 days)

This intensive two day hands on course is designed to provide working developers, IT staff and other technology professionals with a comprehensive introduction to the HTTP/2 standard. Each of the eight modules in this course includes a hands on lab designed to give attendees a detailed understanding of the operation of HTTP/2 through the construction of simple HTTP/2 programs and Wire Shark packet inspection. The course begins with a review of HTTP 1.1 and the challenges it faces. The course then walks through all of the key features of HTTP/2 and explains how they improve on the shortfall present in HTTP 1.1. Performance comparisons, tools and the state of HTTP/2 in the wild are all covered in detail. Upon completion of the course attendees will have the skills and information necessary to begin designing and working with HTTP/2 based software, systems and tools.

Skills Gained

  • This course is designed to provide engineering staff with a comprehensive introduction to the HTTP/2 protocol.

Who Can Benefit

  • Developers, Engineering Managers, Architects, Security and IT staff


  • Attendees must be able to run a 64 bit virtual machine and have Internet access.

Course Details

HTTP/2 Foundation

  • Day 1
  1. HTTP 1.1 Review
  2. HTTP/2 Overview and 1.1 compatibility
  3. HTTP/2 Data Transport and mandatory encryption
  4. HTTP/2 Server Push
  • Day 2
  1. HTTP/2 Multiplexing
  2. HTTP/2 Header Compression
  3. HTTP/2 Request Prioritization
  4. Key HTTP/2 technologies and the HTTP/2 ecosystem
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