Salesforce and the Nonprofit Starter Pack

Course Details
Code NPO-101
Tuition (USD): $1,700.00 • Classroom (2 days)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $1,541.56 • Classroom (2 days)

Are you looking to bring the power of Salesforce to a nonprofit organization? Whether you are an experienced Salesforce Administrator, or completely new to Salesforce, this 2-day hands-on training will show you how the Salesforce Foundation’s Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP) can help you keep better track of your contacts, maximize donations, and even import your existing donor data.

Skills Gained

  • Understand what the Nonprofit Starter Pack is and how to install it
  • Log in and explore the Power of Us HUB
  • Manage Households, Organizations, and Contact information
  • Record Donations, Payments, Grants, and Memberships
  • Import data into Salesforce using the NPSP Data Import tool
  • Configure baseline Salesforce organization and user management features
  • Run and configure basic reports
  • Administer a subset of the Nonprofit Starter Pack settings

Who Can Benefit

  • New Nonprofit Starter Pack administrators and end users interested in a basic overview of the NPSP
  • Salesforce platform consultants interested in NPSP features and functionality


The prerequisites include a solid understanding of basic Salesforce concepts and functionality, and completion of the following online courses, which are available at

  • Getting Started: Navigating Salesforce
  • Getting Started: Using the Sales Cloud

Course Details

Objects and Fields

  • Describe the capabilities of objects on the platform
  • Create a custom object
  • Create custom fields
  • Create relationship fields


  • Explain what the Nonprofit Starter Pack is and how it is developed
  • See the Power of Us HUB and why it is an important NPSP resource

Managing Households, Organizations, and Contacts

  • Create Households, Contacts, and Organizations
  • Explain the Household Account model
  • Explain how to create and manage address information
  • Create relationships between Contacts

Donations, Payments, Grants, and Memberships

  • Create Donations
  • Create a Grant
  • Track Memberships
  • Explain Soft Credits and how to configure them

Data Import – Nonprofit Starter Pack

  • Identify the elements involved in the import process
  • Explain the steps to prepare clean data
  • Use the NPSP Data Importer tool to import data into Salesforce

General Salesforce Administration and Reporting

  • Set the Company Profile according to your organization’s composition
  • Create user records with the proper settings
  • Configure profiles and assign them to users
  • Run basic reports and configure filtration settings
Course Details
Code NPO-101
Tuition (USD): $1,700.00 • Classroom (2 days)
Course Details
GSA (USD): $1,541.56 • Classroom (2 days)