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Dashboard and Analytics XI 3.0: What's New

Course Details
Code: BOD305-E-v082
Tuition (USD): $375.00 • Self Paced
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Course Details
GSA (USD): $340.05 • Self Paced

Skills Gained

  • This two- to three-hour eLearning course is designed to give learners an overview of the major themes and functionality improvements for the BusinessObjects™ XI 3.0 Dashboard and Analytics applications.
  • The business benefit of this course is that learners will gain familiarity with how BusinessObjects™ Dashboard Manager and BusinessObjects™ Performance Manager have been repackaged in BusinessObjects™ XI 3.0 and how Dashboard and Analytics applications can help organizations focus on key performance metrics and transform information into a strategic asset.

Who Can Benefit

  • The target audience for this course is those who are Dashboard and Analytics designers who are comfortable working in Dashboard Manager and Performance Manager and need to create goalbased analytics, strategies and alerts to display for business users through corporate dashboard applications.


  • Prerequisite Education (To be successful, learners who attend this course should have experience using BusinessObjects™ Performance Management XI R2, or should have completed the following offering:)
       -BusinessObjects™ Dashboard Manager XI R2: Designing Dashboards
  • Prerequisite Knowledge/Experience
       -Learners who attend this course should have experience using BusinessObjects Performance Management XI R2 and understand the basics of deploying dashboards.

Course Details

Course Content

  • Positioning Dashboard and Analytics applications
       -Describe the positioning and value proposition of Dashboard and Analytics in BusinessObjects XI R3
       -Describe the new Dashboard and Analytics features
  • Navigating Dashboard and Analytics
       -Navigate to Dashboard and Analytics applications
  • Performing tasks in Dashboard and Analytics
       -Create and save analytics
       -Build a personal dashboard
       -Build a corporate dashboard
  • Setting Preferences
       -Describe the new Dashboard and Analytics preferences
       -Troubleshoot using the enable client trace option


  • Additional Education
       -Refer to other offerings from the What’s New series for a complete list.
  • Level, Delivery, and Duration
       -This core eLearning offering is a two- to three-hour course.
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