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Metadata Management XI 3.0: Managing Enterprise Metadata

Course Details
Code: BOI355-E-v083
Tuition (USD): $375.00 • Self Paced
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Course Details
GSA (USD): $340.05 • Self Paced

Skills Gained

  • This 2 ½- to 5-hour eLearning course is designed to give learners the comprehensive skills and in-depth knowledge needed to access and manage the BusinessObjects Metadata Management Administrator and Explorer technology. Learners should take this course to learn how to administer metadata integrators and utilities.
  • They should also take this course to learn how to review metadata collected by the integrators, understand relationships between metadata, and to use the Metapedia to create a glossary of business terms. The business benefit of this course is that users will be able to efficiently and effectively collect their enterprise metadata.
  • They will be able to use the data collected to analyze the data and make appropriate business decisions based on the data.

Who Can Benefit

  • Information not available.


  • Prerequisite Education:
       -SA210V3.1 or SA210eV3.1 - BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.0/3.1: Administration and Security
  • Prerequisite Knowledge/Experience
       -Not applicable for this offering.

Course Details

Course Content

  • Getting Started with Metadata Management
       -Describe BusinessObjects Metadata Management
       -Describe the basic architecture of Metadata Management
       -Describe the installation options for Metadata Management
       -Describe the purpose of Metadata Management integrators
       -Identify available integrators
  • Administering Metadata Management
       -Describe the Metadata Management/BOE integration
       -Define how to access Metadata Management Administration
       -Identify tasks performed in Metadata Management Administration
       -Configure integrator sources
       -Configure source groups
       -Define security in Metadata Management
       -Define application settings
  • Using Metadata Management Explorer
       -Define Metadata Management Explorer
       -Describe how to access Metadata Management Explorer
       -Describe how to navigate Metadata Management Explorer
       -Define how to search for objects
       -Describe how to view custom reports
       -Define custom reports
       -Describe how to view relationships between objects
       -Identify how to add annotations for user notes
       -Describe how to use custom attributes
  • Using the Metapedia
       -Describe Metadata Management Metapedia
       -Define terms and categories
       -Create terms
       -Create categories
       -Add terms to categories
       -Import and export terms
       -Relate terms
       -Associate objects
       -Describe how to use Metapedia search


  • Course length: 2,5 - 5 hours
  • Additional Education
       -Not applicable for this offering.
  • Applicable Certification
       -Not applicable for this offering.
  • Additional Information
       -Contact your SAP Education Representative.