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Governance and Management of SAP Projects

Course Details
Tuition (USD): $2,375.00 • Classroom (3 days)

This workshop provides executives, senior managers and project management teams with an understanding of best practices on SAP implementation governance, project/risk management and value/change realization. These three areas are covered at a high level in day 1, while days 2 and 3 focus on the methodology, tools and techniques for project execution. Emphasis is on the roles and responsibilities of all project stakeholders when applying the Accelerated SAP (ASAP) methodology. Workshops on common risks (i.e. decision making, requirements definition, management of stakeholder expectations, organizational change) allow participants to discuss preventive and corrective actions relevant to their own project. Intended as an interactive session, this workshop is facilitated by a strategic business consultant from OTA, an Education and Services Partner to SAP Canada, US and AG.

Skills Gained

  • Executives (Day 1 only): Become familiar with governance best practices for SAP project guidance and oversight;
  • Understand how to ensure that project activities support business transformation and value realization goals
  • Senior Managers (Days 1 & 2): High level understanding of the work packages and resource requirements of each phase of the project; Become familiar with recommended risk mitigation strategies for each phase of the project
  • Project Directors, Leads (Days 1, 2 & 3): Learn to navigate through SAP implementation support tools, methodology and accelerators; Gather a list of action items for project execution

Who Can Benefit

Executive Level Management, Senior Management, Strategic or Corporate Planning Groups, Program/Project Directors and Managers, Project Team Members.

Course Details


  • Linking the organizational layers, from strategic to operational, on a common focus for SAP implementation
  • Generating “buy-in” from all levels of management. Developing consensus about the purpose, process and roles for a successful SAP implementation
  • Establishing an operational “road map” as the basis for the planning cycle at all organizational levels

Day 1 (Executive Focus)

Introducing SAP: the Integration Paradigm

  • Enterprise software: history and evolution
  • SAP Footprint (“what we own”)
  • 4 categories of change associated with enterprise systems
  • Typical benefits and organizational implications
  • SAP system-wide concepts (i.e. master data management, drill-down, audit trail, etc.)

Project Governance vs. Project Management

  • 5 domains of IT Governance
  • Governance challenges across the lifecycle of an SAP implementation
  • Linking change management to value realization
  • Reconciling individual and organizational perceptions of value
  • Process maturity and organizational readiness
  • Workshop: Defining the project’s driving and restraining forces

Project Roles and Responsibilities, and Associated Challenges

  • Steering committee
  • Project team
  • Competency centers
  • External consultants
  • User communities
  • Planning for competency development

Executive Overview of Implementation Tools and Methodology

  • 5 phases of an SAP implementation
  • Highlight from survey on Blueprinting Best Practices
  • Scope and issue management
  • Decision-making in SAP implementations: challenges and best practices
  • Establishing an SAP Center of Expertise (CoE)

Organizational Change and Business Transformation in SAP Projects

  • Common errors
  • Organizational change management activities throughout an SAP implementation
  • Managing the adoption curve
  • SAP knowledge resources for change management
  • Role of executive sponsors in communicating change
  • Exercise : Key messages for each stakeholder groups

Day 2 (Delivery & Executive Support - Project Kick-Off & Requirements Definition)

Project Preparation Phase

  • Purpose of Project Preparation
  • Overview of Work packages in Project Preparation
  • Leveraging the Project Charter
  • Exercise: Mitigating common risks in Project Preparation

Business Blueprint Phase

  • Purpose of Business Blueprint
  • Customer video testimonial: Blueprinting mistakes and value
  • Overview of general work packages in Business Blueprint
  • Overview of Development and Authorizations Work packages
  • Mitigating common risks in Business Blueprint
  • Requirements management and prioritization
  • Getting the right representation from the business community
  • Running effective blueprinting workshops
  • Exercise: Blueprinting to-do list

Overview of Realization, Final Preparation and Go-Live & Support Phases

  • What senior managers need to know about these phases
  • Typical risks and mitigation strategies

Objection-Handling: A “Survival Skill” for Project Managers and Sponsors

  • Root causes of objections and resistance
  • From denial to adoption, supporting employees through change
  • Exercise: Handling common objections

Day 3 (Project Management Tools, Realization & Testing)

SAP Implementation Support Tools

  • Solution Explorer vs. Solution Manager
  • Accessing ASAP resources
  • Roadmap structure, terminology and resources
  • Exercise: finding templates and accelerators relevant to your project

Realization Phase in Detail

  • Purpose of Realization Phase
  • Overview of Work Packages
  • Linking the Blueprint to the configuration
  • Configuration workflow
  • Configuration planning activities
  • Success factors in managing configuration
  • Creating test plans
  • Overview of Development and Authorizations Work packages in Realization
  • End-user training: strategy and tools
  • Test scenarios: avoiding common mistakes
  • Managing confirmation & integration testing
  • Reports, conversions, enhancements and interfaces
  • Exercise: leveraging ASAP accelerators from the Realization phase

Final Preparation Phase

  • Purpose of Final Preparation
  • Overview of Work Packages in Final Preparation
  • Exercise: Lessons learned from past projects and risk mitigation in Final Preparation

Go-Live and Support Phase

  • Purpose of Go-Live and Support
  • Overview of Work Packages
  • Help desk support guidelines
  • Lessons learned on sustaining operations
  • Exercise: Elements of a sustainment and benefits realization strategy