SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud Customization & Integration

Course Details
Code HY760-v004
Tuition (USD): $2,250.00 • Classroom (3 days)
$2,250.00 • Virtual (3 days)

Skills Gained

  • This Course will prepare you to:
       -Understand the technical concepts of different modules in Sap Hybris Marketing Cloud
       -Perform configurations using the "Manage Your Solution" application.
       -Develop an understanding about marketing processes across different SAP solutions.
       -Understand configurations required for the integration with other SAP systems (SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer)

Who Can Benefit

  • Technical Consultants
  • Functional Consultants
  • Solution Architects


  • Essential:
  • Recommended:
       -HY730E SAP Hybris Marketing Functional Analyst Online
       -HYB1 Experience SAP Hybris Solutions (openSAP Online course)
       -HA100 SAP HANA Introduction
       -CLD100 Cloud for SAP • CLD900 SAP HANA Cloud Platform – Integration Service Overview

Course Details

Course Content

  • Day 1
  • Overview – Introduction to SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud
  • Unit 1 – Consumer & Customer Profiling
  • Consumer & Customer Profiling
       -Data Model for Interaction Contacts, Interactions, Products and Product Categories
       -Consumer/Customer/Corporate Accounts
       -Marketing Locations
       -Profile Dashboard
       -Sentiment Engagement
       -Customer Journey Insights
       -Hands on Exercise
  • Predictive Models & Scores
       -Overview of Scores
       -Predictive Scores
       -Predictive Model Management
       -Heuristic Scores
       -Hands on Exercise
  • Unit 2 - Segmentation and Campaign Management
       -Segmentation Key Capabilities
       -Segmentation Builder
       -Segment Features
       -Segmentation Terminology
       -Segmentation Configuration
       -Building blocks
       -Attribute Groups
       -Export Definitions
       -Target Groups
       -Hands on Exercise
  • Day 2
  • Unit 2
  • Acquisition
       -Marketing Campaign Scenarios Overview
       -Content Studio Features
       -Campaign Automation
       -Facebook Custom Audiences
       -Export Definition
       -Paid Search Integration
       -Managing Marketing Permissions and Subscriptions
       -Marketing Success Analytics
  • Unit 3 – Marketing Resource Management
       -Overview of Marketing Planning Apps, Roles & Terminology
       -Budget Planning
       -Spend Management
       -Marketing Calendar
       -Configurations of Marketing Resource Management
       -Business Administration in Marketing resource planning
       -Hands on Exercise
  • Unit 4 – Commerce Marketing – Recommendations
       -Product Recommendations
       -Recommendation Models, Algorithms, Recommendation Model Types and
  • Recommendation Scenarios
       -Offer Recommendations
       -Consuming Recommendation Models in SAP Hybris Commerce
       -Customizing Data Sources and Algorithms
       -Hands on Exercise
  • Day 3
  • Unit 5 – Marketing Analytics
       -Overview of Marketing Analytics
       -SAP Analytics cloud
       -Embedded Analytics
       -Queries for Contacts & Profiles
       -Queries for Campaign Search
       -Queries for Lead Management
       -Queries for Survey Management
       -Extensibility Options in Marketing Analytics
       -Configurations in Marketing Analytics
  • Unit 6– Business Administration Tasks & Data Upload
  • Business Administration
       -Identity Management
       -Self – Service Configuration
       -Business Administration in Integrations
  • Data Upload
       -Importing Data Using OData
       -Steps to Import Data
       -Services to Import Various Types of Data
  • Unit 7 – Lead Management & Integration of SAP Hybris Cloud for Custome
       -Integration Scenarios with C4C
       -Lead Stages and Scores
       -Marketing Application Jobs
       -Lead Transfer Application
       -Lead Transfer Campaigns
       -Success Reporting for Leads and Activities
       -Integration Errors
       -Lead Dashboard
       -Analytic Queries
       -Integration Steps
  • Unit 8 – Best Practices for SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud
       -Overview of SAP Activate Framework
       -Best Practices and Scope Items
       -SAP Activate Methodology
       -Guided Configuration
       -Team Setup and Project Timeline

Course based on software release

  • SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud 1708
Course Details
Code HY760-v004
Tuition (USD): $2,250.00 • Classroom (3 days)
$2,250.00 • Virtual (3 days)