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With the unique requirements of over 25 different industries in mind, SAP has strategically developed training solutions to help you make the most of your investment in their SAP for Industries solutions. As SAP's education arm in North America, ExitCertified is proud to offer you the below certified SAP for Industries courses.
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  • SAP - Trading & Scheduling with SAP for Oil and Gas (Course)

    Course Code: IOG340-v097
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained Adquire the necessary knowledge of the SAP TSW (Trader´s and Scheduler´s Workbench) solution for Oil & Gas including Trading integration, in order to configure...
  • SAP - SAP Overview for Public Sector (Course)

    Course Code: WNAPS1-v095
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained *Explain SAP terminology - Provide a conceptual overview of SAP’s business solutions for Public *Sector organizations - Develop the baseline SAP product knowledge...
  • SAP - Financial Accounting for Public Services (Course)

    Course Code: WNAPSF-v095
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained    -WNAPSF is an introduction to SAP Financials relating to Public Services organizations including Financial Accounting, Controlling, and Funds...
  • SAP - SAP Introduction to Banking - Retail Credit (Course)

    Course Code: FS244e-E-v094
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained Provide an introduction to the functionality of SAP’s Industry Solution for Banking. Understand the applications that comprise the Banking solution. Recognize SAP...
  • SAP - SAP Policy Management - Business Processes (Course)

    Course Code: FS340-v098
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained Use Policy Management efficiently Describe the architecture of Policy Management Get an overview of the processes and functions of Policy Management Perform the most...
  • SAP - SAP Claims Management - Customizing (Course)

    Course Code: FS335-v097
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained Customize your SAP Claims Management system Who Can Benefit Application Consultant Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User Prerequisites Essential:...
  • SAP - SAP Policy Management - Implementation Scenarios (Course)

    Course Code: FS345-v098
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained Configure and customize FS-PM in order to meet some of the typical customers’ requirements Use the FS-PM framework to generate new objects Create customer-specific...
  • SAP - SAP for Insurance: Overview (Course)

    Course Code: FS300-v098
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained Explain the key functional areas within the SAP for Insurance solution Describe the function of business partners, relationships and their roles Describe master data...
  • SAP - SAP for Insurance: Collections & Disbursements (Course)

    Course Code: FS310-v098
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained Explain the cross-line of business subledger with consolidated customer view for all invoice and payment processes Describe 3rd party/broker collection for all...
  • SAP - SAP Insurance - Collections and Disburse (Course)

    Course Code: FS316-v002
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained -Enable participants to carry out the collection and disbursement processes and functions of SAP's Insurance solution -Teach participants how to customize the...
  • SAP - Student Lifecycle Management: Student Accounting (Course)

    Course Code: IHE203-v098
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained Participants will gain an overview of the structures and processes in Student Accounting (fee calculation, fee collection). After completing this course, participants...
  • SAP - SAP Grants Management - Grantee (Course)

    Course Code: IPS810-v098
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained Participants learn how the SAP system optimizes the management of grants on the side of the recipient. Participants will understand the integration of grant management...
  • SAP - Tax and Revenue Management (Course)

    Course Code: IPS520-v098
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained Understand the scope of tax-specific processes in SAP Tax and Revenue Management Gain an understanding on the interaction of the different SAP Tax and Revenue...
  • SAP - SAP Fashion Management - Overview (Course)

    Course Code: ICP700-v002
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained Explain the overall processes and functions for vertical fashion companies covered by the SAP Fashion Management. Use the application creating the master data and...
  • SAP - Store Connections in SAP for Retail (Course)

    Course Code: IRT360-v098
    Suggested Audience Skills Gained This course will prepare you to configure the SAP Retail environment for communication with point-of-sale systems (POS) and for sales audit reporting. Who Can Benefit...